Correction to Faithfull Bench Cabinet Scrapers

I posted a blog recently saying the the Faithfull Bench Cabinet Scrapers were OK, but discovered they are not quite OK. We discovered a serious flaw in the blade retention. Either the iron is too then or the recess it fits into is to deep. Either way, the problem is that the blade slips upwards under pressure.

The solution would be to make the cutting iron thicker to match those used in more recognized models made by Record and Stanley. That way everything they have would be of equal quality.

Anyway, five minutes of filing fixed the problem but I don’t think any tool should need a fix by the new owner before it can be used. Perhaps they will read this do what they should and send out thicker cutting irons to anyone that bought one. The problem is that of anyone as a novice bought this scraper they would think that the problem was them when it’s the manufacturer’s fault. I let Faithfull know of the problem and we will see if they fix it.

2 comments on “Correction to Faithfull Bench Cabinet Scrapers

  1. Paul,
    Did Faithfull address the problem? I reported some problems when Faithfull changed several aspects of their previously excellent (for my needs) leather tool roll, apparently to reduce costs. I suspect they outsourced to a different, cheaper, less experienced factory. I was impressed when they fixed the main issue (new strap design much too short to go around the roll!) & delighted when they sent me a new one. The less critical issues were not changed but I can live with those, it works well again.

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