Making the European Workbench Part 10 is up!!

NOTE:Just so you know, this is an older workbench series. Paul has a newer Workbench series. If you are interested in the updated version of Paul’s workbench please click the button down below. This page links to a cutting list, tools list, FAQS and much more.

Making the European Joiner’s Workbench Part 10 is up:

DSC_0017 I just watched through this the next part in the series and all seems to have progressed well. Here is the link for those who haven’t followed this series on You Tube.

We designed and built this workbench as a series to get people started so that as they build the workbench, they are also developing their hand skills on something of functional value without having to worry too much about pristine workmanship. It’s also the most essential support to hand tool methods of woodworking as the workbench is the third hand grips, holds and supports the work in many dimensional phases. Also, for those who prefer a written version that parallels the film version, you can go for the written series too. This (written) version is actually complete in my blog series Building a Workbench with Paul Sellers (that’s for those who can’t wait for the final episodes to come up).

We really enjoyed making this series become a reality to fill the hole for an inexpensive workbench made from wood you can access anywhere. I am sorry that sometimes I cater more to the Anglo-American audiences when there are more on the other mainland continents, but the language differences do in some measure dictate. I understand that the dimensions and the wood types are not so readily available to some of you, but the methods can be adapted to any wood. Also, no one has told me that our translator doesn’t work, so I am assuming that it is and that there is nothing lost in the conversion.

Enjoyed it everyone. I hope that you do too. Winter is over in six more days. We can do some more outdoor woodworking perhaps!


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m locked in by the weather up here and living vicariously through your videos!

    1. Here I am in sunshine and your are socked in. Glad you are getting benefit from the videos.

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