Aldren Watson’s Legacy for Woodworkers

I was sorry to here of the sad loss of a man I admired for many years. Earlier today I wrote a blog encouraging you to consider including his book in your woodwork library because of all the books written and illustrated I think Hand Tools Their Ways and Their Workings is my most favourite woodworking book. I knew knowing nothing of his recent passing. His daughter Wendy’s blog  here will help explain in more detail but for woodworkers everywhere he left a wonderful legacy and so my post seems more timely than I first thought possible.

Some years ago I spoke with Aldren to some length about his work as an illustrator of books and in abject humility he told me that he wasn’t really a woodworker. I know that of course he was a woodworker’s son and that he learned much from his father, but I laso know that he learned in the doing of it. I was greatly enriched by a one-hour interview with him. I am sure he will be sadly missed by his family.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of his passing. This book was one of my first hand-tool-centric books when I first developed an interest in working with them. I loved all the illustrations and its encyclopedic coverage. I felt I had struck gold when I found it at the book store.

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