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Leather buying for 10-20 chair seats

DSC_0737 Every so often an order will come in for a dining suite. In my case I ordered leather for a dozen rocking chairs. I first contacted Abe at Abe’s leather a little over a year ago and ordered my first skins from him. DSC_0693 They came so beautifully packaged I couldn’t help but reflect on my first impression of this Brooklyn New York-based company. This week more new leather arrived from Abe and I was again impressed by the trouble they went to deliver the goods. Two full hides came to the usual 50 square feet each. This does vary according to the size of the animal, but you pay only for what you get. A hide does about 8-10 chair seats depending on seat size – 10 dining chairs, 8 rocking chairs. DSC_0694 Anyway, I have had many conversations with Abe about my leather requests and he is very accommodating and intends to get customer satisfaction from you. Look at this for packaging. Total protection. Mine were rolled on heavy card rolls, wrapped in kraft paper and then padding before being further wrapped in thick craft paper again. You may want less than I do and so packaging my vary accordingly, but rest assured, you will get top quality leather if that’s what you need and so please go to his website for more information. He carries about 10,000 hides at any given time. I paid $350 delivered for about 110 square feet of totally useable 2.5-ounce upholstery hide. There was the usual brand and two barbed wire cuts in the whole – almost zero wastage.

DSC_0747 Eric finished his projects four days early and so he left today. We will miss him over the next few days. You can see here how happy he is that he has his three projects and that he is about to be reunited to his family.

How amazing is this, that someone with barely any hand skills can complete work of so high a standard and complexity. Much of what we are doing here is now being done through the series and you can go back through the archived series to gain the skills. Eric and others did exactly that before they came to this month-long course and it really helped them.