Two days left and look at this!!!


Where else do new students with no background in hand tool woodworking and never having used hand tools before this do they get people to work to this level and produce this kind of work? If it were machine woodworking where the machines do the work it would be different, but these guys have do this work by hand and start only with dimensioned pieces of wood.

Eric (right and below) is of course as pleased as punch with the completion of his three projects. His membership of really helped him more progressively ahead as did David who both left three days earlier because they finished and had other commitments. DSC_0746


This is Silvain’s third ever project. How amazing is that?


DSC_0019 This Cynthia’s second project; her first was the coffee table. That’s amazing too!

DSC_0046 Ray is on his third project using hand tools.

There are more too. Will post more tomorrow so you can see what we’ve already done this year alone.

In the UK our next nine-day Foundational Course is full again so I am sorry to disappoint. I may do another later this year if time happens. Just in case someone drops out for any reason you could leave your name for standby.


This is us. We travel, we teach, lecture and change people’s lives. We do it to the best of our ability and people become. We don’t just blog, we don’t sell much of anything and we don’t believe much in moneymaking at all, but we do believe in people making. We just make it happen by the dozen and for hundreds and even thousands of people worldwide and we do that in our own lives and in ways that change the lives of others who make change by doing it.

Today was a blast despite everything. With three people now completed and gone, we have a handful left and on Saturday they too will be talking about this for years to come as one of the best experiences of a lifetime. Yes, we will teach more classes next year in the US…I think…No, I will not be touring again but just teaching, training, making films, writing blogs and building my new designs. Lots going to happen all being well. I am so excited about the year ahead, but right now I must say a big thank you to the 4,000 woodworkers I have trained in the US. I am so grateful that you came to me and learned from me.

The upcoming blogs will knock your clogs off because as promised we will be covering the  “Going on Your Own” series and I have already started that. Keep up with us won’t you. We’re different, we seek honest to goodness real woodworking and we don’t get paid from the big box or little bpx stores or tool makers or eBay or anyone else. We’re free! We do what we we feel is right in the face of much opposition some times. Like I said, keep up with us here and also on our YouTube and via

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  1. Hi Paul – what a wonderful blog, and kudos to all those in the class. The projects, especially the rockers, are quite amazing and show you are able to draw out of people, in the same way you did a beautiful walking cane from those 2x4s, talents and abilities they did not know were there. That is a gift from heaven – and I am grateful you are using it. I do have one question – when you said that you would not be touring this year does that mean the Woodworking Shows are not on your agenda? Thanks again for all you do……

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