I feel so proud of everyone – Rocking chairs are emerging

DSC_0030This morning I looked over the pond to the Maplewood Center and the woodshop and I felt so proud of everyone who has stayed the course and is now working on their rocking chairs. It’s hard to quantify my work sometimes, but one thing I do know is that the courses I have planned, designed and worked on since the late 1980’s produces the kind of results that take people off of the conveyor belt, off the production line and place them in realms of creativity they may never have known existed. It felt so good looking out into the sunrise and feel the excitement that more woodworkers are emerging from simple courses that make tool chests with hand cut dovetails, plane raised panels, framed mortise and tenons and much more. I can’t imagine how they felt making their coffee tables. DSC_0063Did you know that some, many, never made a joint in their lives and they are beautiful pieces some of which I could sell as my own work. You see this, for some of them, is the first step in getting off the conveyor belt we call life.

I will post images of their work oiver the next few days with close ups and comments from them. You evaluate whether my strategy works and then ask yourself the questions they ask; “DSC_0081How can I get off the conveyor belt?”

I have a list of questions for those of you who want to “Start out on your own.”

2 thoughts on “I feel so proud of everyone – Rocking chairs are emerging”

  1. I think that a rocking chair is a fantastic completion piece. I think as my skills increase, that is something that is an item i would consider as a highlight accomplishment. I’m still at the ‘not quite happy with my dovetails” stage, but I feel strength and confidence coming along thanks to the videos. Doing is really the key though.

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