Need Some F Clamps? UK Only I’m Afraid

I don’t do this too often, offer a commercial chain the benefit of my site, but I have to pass on a good cost saver to my friends if and when I can. Aldi sells these clamps about twice a year and I have used mine for a few years now. This is a box of five clamps in different sizes. I like them, they are solid, have good threads and are well made. Five clamps in a box for £9.95. They will only be in for a few days if there are any left. I buy two boxes at a time and then I have pairs in the different sizes. These are not inferior quality and match anything of a similar type made by more well known makers.DSC_0004DSC_0001

10 comments on “Need Some F Clamps? UK Only I’m Afraid

  1. Maybe they have different dates in different parts of the country, or you were lucky to have some left in your store two weeks later? I had these listed in an email referring to the Thursday specials for the 5th June, here in Lancashire, I’ve not noticed any left here when I’ve visited Aldi. They also had a set of four G cramps for the same price.

    I have a set of these already from a previous year, and although a tad heavy for some jobs they are certainly rugged, well made and good quality. I use them a lot. I’ve never tried the G cramps, I own only one G cramp, a Record 5″, and use it rarely, when I need some real pressure.

  2. i’ve seen these in the past but never wanted to take a chance, if they are good enough in your shop i’m sure they’ll withstand anything i can do to them thanks for the recomendation .

  3. Paul, the Aldis here in New Jersey also sell these cramps but I never dare buy them, I’ve give them a go the next time around.

    • Gareth, I think they were ‘in’ over two weeks ago. If you have several Aldi’s where you are, it would be worth going to each to find if there are some left somewhere.

  4. I bought one of these sets for about 2 years ago, and they are as just a good as when i first bought them(and they have been well used too) I may buy another set if they still in stock!!

  5. Not only in UK!
    I bought 2 sets 6 months ago in Portugal – 4 clamps for 6€!
    Around here they come in a different set!

  6. The 4 piece F clamp and 5 piece G clamps sets are available in Australia from Sat 28 June @ $19.99.

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