Questions Answered – When Do You Put Things in Order? Part II

Below here are pictures of the cupboards, shelves, chests, tills and drawers surrounding and in my workbench.

This would be a general view as I work. Coffee mug, stevia sweetener, glue bottle and so on included.


In the bench I have my tills and a drawer and an added retrofit well because I needed a narrower bench for filming the videos. The main drawer has dividers to keep the tools aligned as much as anything. After a while tools tend to declare their place by returning always to the same spot.



At the main vise end I have three tills and the sharpening equipment. This is very convenient for me and here I stow additional chisels and things less used than in my main drawer.

DSC_0004 DSC_0005

End of bench tills are hand for small stuff but underneath the bench I have an additional storage area encased on three sides. Ugly stuff can go there like a granite proof block for testing and flattening plane soles and cutting edge tools like planes and chisels.


The well in the top picture holds a chisel tray and other tools including hammers and screwdrivers and gauges all of which poke through holes to keep them orderly and ready for reaching for too.

Here are pictures of the inside of my main tool cupboard that stands immediately behind me when I am at my bench.

DSC_0011 DSC_0010 DSC_0002 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0013 DSC_0012


This big tool cupboard is my favourite and I want to make one of these in a film for you. It seems to serve me as well as my bench and it is unlikely I would change a thing.

Saws above stack side by side neatly in saw kerfs cut equally at the back of the cabinet. Nothing fancy.

Here are my chest-on-chest tool chests. I love these for smaller tools and planes atop.

DSC_0014 DSC_0024


I like open shelves for my moulding planes. this works well for instant access.



The saws hang freely in a couple of spots in my workshop. Three actually. Really convenient.


Racks at the end of portable tables are great. I have a couple of these arrangements, one at each end of my bench so they are handy in glue ups.


7 thoughts on “Questions Answered – When Do You Put Things in Order? Part II”

  1. Thanks for sharing Paul. Now I’m excited about a future tool cupboard! Maybe even the middle and bottom tool chest? Just an idea.

    1. Wrong! The man who passes the most tools on to his children who can also use them is the winner!

  2. Paul,
    That you so very much for giving us this tour of your private universe (aka workspace). I’ve picked up more than a few hints and tips that I will use and/or adapt to my workshop. I love the way that you’ve shown us views complete with all the dust and shavings; this is no sanitised setup for the camera but another view into real woodworking. I was a bit surprised at your comment about sweeping the debris on the bench into a dustpan and never onto the floor – some of your videos had given me the impression that you did the reverse and then just swept up the floor at the end of a work session. I will have to change my methods now before it develops into a nasty habit.
    I’d love it if you did a video series on building a copy of your tool cupboard. I really need something like this and have been gathering screen shots of your cupboard to see if I can’t replicate something similar.

  3. Steve Massie

    Paul thank you I really like your Work Shop and showing how you organize everything. Lots of good ideas for sure, I think your cub board would make an excellent project as well.


  4. Devin St. Clair

    Paul I would love to see a video and materials list / measurements for your tool cupboard that is behind you in your videos. I love the angled shelf with the planes on it.

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