Upcoming Projects on Woodworking Masterclasses

DSC_0016 This week we concluded the final part of making the craftsman-style lamp on woodworking masterclasses and everyone has been very gracious in their comments. I enjoyed making it and of course it was designed to refine students with tighter tolerances in tighter distances between joints.


Our next two projects are different in that one is a corner shelf unit with scaleable possibilities that could be used as a free-standing floor model or whatever you choose to do to accommodate personal preferences.


The second project will be one i am working on now with the film crew which is a Shaker bench seat made from what looks like turned parts but the parts of which never saw a lathe. Find out how it’s done on the wmf site in a few weeks time. This project has a shaped seat for two people and will work well in a bathroom, office area or an entryway. You could also use it with a Shaker dining table which we made add as another Woodworking masterclasses class in the near future too.


Our bench seat will be made from mahogany and beech but we have other suggestions for wood combinations before you get started.


  1. I’m very excited about the corner cabinet! My wife wants one for the corner of a room where it looks empty and this is exactly what I needed. Looking forward to starting that one!

  2. Paul,
    Looks like severe great projects. You mentioned several weeks ago you are considering doing one of the cabinets we frequently see behind you in the videos. Hope you get around to it soon, I would love to make one.

    Jim F

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to build these along with you.

    By the way, this post isn’t showing on the blog home page. I just happened to find it in the Unplugged site

  4. Paul, any posts after June 16 don’t seem to be showing up on your blog page. Found this after a search – just wanted to make sure you were aware.

  5. Looking forward to this! BTW your blog isn’t updating properly – shows only until June 16 unless you search with nothing in the box or do some other workaround.

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