Lidl Sells the Aldi Chisels Now Too

DSC_0128 20.17.32I did get two sets of the Llidl chisels, 8, 13, 18 and 24mm, and used them in the demonstrations I did today for the students. They are indeed one and the same as the Aldi set and they take and keep the same keen edge that parallel or exceed the best chisel sets available today. In north European redwood, tough stuff I have in stock, they kept their edges in chopping dovetails, paring and other operations throughout the day on one initial sharpening. The price is the same at £7.95 for four found in Aldi stores. DSC_0126 20.17.32The names of course have been changed to suit the supermarkets chain brand name. These are long-term chisels and could be temporary gap fillers until you find ones you like the looks of, or they can be your lifetime chisels, the ones you reach for every time you cut dovetails or mortise and tenons. They have been out for a couple of weeks in Lidl stores but at least now you will have two sources to buy from in Europe and the UK, which will likely mean you can find them four times a year. They were still in Thursday so just thought you might want a set if you’re in the UK.

DSC_0124 20.17.32

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    • Perhaps others have an answer?? Nothing quite so inexpensive of guaranteed quality but perhaps with enough asking Aldi there might stock them in. Nice thing for me with having so many work stations is that wherever I happen to be in the shop `i can pull out good chisels anywhere I happen to be standing. That goes for planes, saws and other tools too.

    • Although Lidl has postponed plans to enter US market to 2018 their Aldi competitor is here, in Midwest and East (not sure where you are from). If you google “Aldi” you should get an Aldi locator and once you enter your location the closest to you will be provided. However, not sure if the chisels are offered in the US. I think I checked as of last year when Paul introduced to his audience, but could not find a store that had them. Maybe this year?!

  1. I did E – Mail Aldi after Paul mentioned them and they E – Mailed me back that this person would mention something to the Marketing people to see if and when. This has been several weeks now so who knows, it would be nice to be able to buy some nice inexpensive chisels here in the US. I don’t need any but would buy a couple sets to have as spares and give a set to my Grandson.


  2. Paul, is there a fundamental difference between the steel used in chisels vs. the steel used in plane blades? Could someone make a set of chisels using the O1 steel you used to make your wooden plane blades?

    • No. You can make chisels or planes from the same O1 steel. Veritas has a set of detail chisels that are simple enough to make with or without bevels and of course you can refine them to task if you want to. Without metal working skills such as blacksmithing, you may have trouble producing bolsters and tangs but even these can be mastered with practice if this is the direction you want to go. The Veritas detail chisels are made for hand pressure only and are not meant for use with a mallet or chisel hammer. Here is the link to theirs.

  3. Just a heads up for people in Poland, Norway or Sweden – it seems that similar (same?) set of chisels has been introduced in the Jula stores under their brand name Hard Head, priced around €22.

    I have not tested them, just seen at the store shelf.

    You can check the link to the Polish store page here.

  4. Don’t remember when Paul mentioned the Aldi chisels, seems to me like April, May or June, but a day or so after that I was in Aldi and they had the chisels. Bought 3 sets, one for myself and one for each of my sons. About a month ago I started looking for them again but could not find them. Didn’t ask if the still had them or could get them. I live in West Virginia.

    • I am reluctant to say that these are one and the same because I have had some that look the same but are not at all equal to the quality of Aldi or anyway near close. I just made a project with extremely hard knots throughout and the Aldi chisels were unbelievable, never faltering in any way and the edges did not fracture throughout mortising tenoning and creating several dado housings.The most impressive of all chisels in my view and with zero apparent edge fracture. I do realise that two people have advised of chisels snapping but I have seen that with most other well-known makes through the years and at about the same percentage.

    • Hi Mark,

      As I see from the picture these are cheap chisels. I have bought few of them and they are not close to Aldi/Lidl chisels. These one have smaller thinner handle and steal is lower quality.

  5. Hi Paul,

    I have finally find few sets of chisels in Lidl, Powerfix brand. I was impressed with handle size as I think it is quite thick and bigger than some lower range chisels. I find it very good for timber framing. One little thing that I find diffrent is hornbeam handle in this one which I bought.

  6. These are back as one of their weekly offers at Lidl from today. Just been down to get myself a set and there were plenty at £7.99

  7. Paul, are the lands (sides) taller on the Lidl chisels than your Aldi chisels (they appear to be in some comparison images on the web)? If so, does it make any difference? I have the impression that you prefer lower lands i.e. slimmer chisels. Presumably because they provide better access to dovetail corners and the like. And are lighter/more refined in feel?

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