Tool Cupboard Update

DSC_0089 So many of you asked for this and there is of course something to building your own work cupboard. The project is progressing well. There are many twists in training in this one as we always try to find missing tricks of the trade I dragged with me through the decades. Often times I have seen the hoops machine-onlies do to make a simple thing simpler by machine but take half a day to make the jig. This project should help everyone with that and give them the confidence to consider making what might seem at first to be a challenging project. The project just lends itself to some new skills development.

This week I got the carcass and back panel glued up for the filming and that went well, so to get ready for the crew next week, today I rough cut some of my stock for the doors and drawers. DSC_0095 DSC_0100 In this upcoming section we will be staging the elements of door sizing, door construction, joinery, fitting, hanging, problem shooting, problem correction methods, twisted door causes, prevention and correction and much more. Once the doors are fitted we will focus on the drawer making phase. here we look at construction options, methods of construction, sizing, fitting and so much more. DSC_0101 Anyway, I hope you will enjoy following us through this project to conclusion. It is just another training project that has given me the opportunity to conclude the tool storage section we began two years ago with toolboxes, Joiners fall-front traveling tool box, tool chests, tool totes and so on. This one is the last one so please don’t miss it. Join us on You won’t regret it!



  1. Thank you so much for doing this project. I appreciate it greatly. I have often wondered how you would build a frame and panel version of something like this. If you ever have time to make a frame and panel piece for the woodworkingmasterclasses that would be great. Thanks.

  2. Got my pine panels all glued up, flat, square and parallel with smooth edges and aris removed. Can’t wait to get started with the dovetails, but I’ll wait until you lead the way in Episode 2. Love this project, and will love this very functional addition to my shop

    1. Good choice pine. Will make my next one in pine. Half the weight and equal in strength. Just right for this old man.

  3. Hi Paul…have you done a project on the fall-front travelling toolbox? If so I have missed it ! Regards Dave in a very wet Dinas Mawddwy!

  4. Hi Paul…I have been following in the masterclasses for 3 years now and this is the project I wanted to do from the start. I can’t think of anyplace I can get this kind of instruction for so little. Thank you for doing this one. I can’t hardly wait for the next episode.

  5. This was my 1st major project I built out of baltic pywood 40 years ago that got me started. However I like this one also and will be making one out of pine as I am not completely satisfied with my 1st one, mainly the dimensions. My 1st one isn’t tall enough for handsaws or a built saw till.

    Thanks for this one and will be following it very closely.


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