Crosscut Saw Sharpening Video

I am almost done with Part II blog on Sharpening Your First Crosscut Handsaw. Just to put the breaks on the emails asking where and when they can see this it will be available via our website. Because it is a tool techniques video it will be free to those who are signed in as a subscriber, which is a simple and quick process that engages you with our quest to pass on as much information for free as we possibly can. P1170097

The methods we teach are truly tried and tested and come from my experience as a practicing craftsman and not from other websites, books and videos. Often we do step out of mainstream and help people to understand the myths and mysteries once hidden by the guilds and confused by a worldwide web of mass misinformation. My hope is that this video will distill everything down to its core essentials as a missing link for trainees.

The video will be up this coming Monday 11 April at 5pm, all being well “and the creek don’t rise.” You may want to sign in ahead so that you can have your files at the ready. Hope you enjoy it. This will be our first instructional video from the new workshop here in Oxfordshire. Meanwhile the Part II should be up in the next 24 hours.


  1. Hi Paul,

    On the introducing picture for this post, there is a Spear & Jackson handsaw.
    What do you think about this saw?
    I ask because it is probably the only one we can buy in France via Amazon (other than hardpoint saws)
    According to some part catalog on the net, there a 3 versions:
    22″ 10 pts
    24″ 7 pts
    26″ 7pts
    They said “universal teeth” (sic), nothing more. What does it mean? As there is one on your workbench, I think you have a good idea of what it is.

    Thanks and regards


  2. When I try “to sign in ahead so that you can have your files at the ready” there are all kinds of complaints about usernames and passwords and email addresses being already used. As a monthly subscriber to the Woodworking Masterclasses, I would think I’m already in there. So what is going on?

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