Making Cam Clamps Video

DSC_0037 We posted a three-part series on how to make cam clamp very simply by hand for those who feel uncomfortable using machine. The hand tool methods we show are highly effective but whether you do this by hand or machine the patterns can be adapted if skill development is not your forte.

If I remember rightly each clamp costs less than £1 depending on where you buy your materials and whether you use identical parts or not. Set up is simple enough and you end up with some very professional looking clamps you can work with and be proud of showing. DSC_0033 Another feature of this series of course is the safety element and if you really are intimidated by the machines or have no experience with them or simply have no access to them then these methods give you exactly what you need to stay off of the conveyor belt.

Here is a short introduction to the series.


  1. Well done, very glad you are blogging.
    I may indeed make some of these but for a long time now I’ve kept a box of wood wedges I use for this sort of clamping, they’re used with anything that fits around the project, you just slide the wedges in as needed. Have to admit your method is more flexible.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks very much for this series! I’m an aspiring luthier. I’ve built an electric guitar and I’m working up courage and skill to tackle acoustic guitars. I will most definitely be making myself more than a couple of these.

    One question though, would aluminium be suitable for the bar? I’ve got some aluminium stock on hand (5mm I think). Would that be strong enough for the clamps or would they flex?

  3. I’ve seen yesterday in Paris old clamps like this, but all in wood, very small differences. Very light, why use a metal bar?

    1. No reason not to I suppose. Choices. Strength? Resilience to bending. Things like that. I do know that you can use smaller sections of metal for the bar than you can using just wood.

  4. Hi Paul. I’ve gotten a couple of pairs of these clamps near completion, but have just one obstacle: how do I make the cam lever? Is there a mathematical approach or is this a tweak it until it’s right issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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