A US Discount for My Latest Book and DVD set

Just an Update on Buying My Book and/or DVD set p1560649

When my book and DVDs came out six months ago we set the price for both prior to the currency fluctuations in the exchange rates of late. We want to pass on some of the savings so we can share the benefits. For this coming week we are discounting the Essential Woodworking Hand Tools book and DVDs for those people who want to purchase in US dollars.

Here is the link



  1. Paul, the book is beautiful. It’s production quality and content are both absolutely first rate.

    1. Thank you, Chris. I confess i am proud of this one. It was me, and expresses what I really feel about the tools I have used over the past 50 years. Everyone involved gave their all to make it what ot is and the printers and publishers pushed the boat out as far as possible. They were so proud of the result they asked if they could enter it into a trade publications award. Not had the results yet.

  2. Hi Paul. I’m just about to buy the book and DVD set, but I all the sudden realized that I don’t have a DVD player at all. We stream all our media through our computers and no computer in our house has a DVD player.

    Is there any way to get the DVD content as a download?

    1. I am afraid not, Chris. Will discuss it with the team to see if we have a solution.

    2. you can get a usb lead cd/dvd writer for a few bucks if you use a free program like VideoLan that should play most file types. problem solved.

    3. Chris,
      I was in the same boat but then my Daughter wanted to play some school DVDs so I actually bought a great DVD player. They are so cheap now. I have it for very occasional use but it really did cost peanuts. I got a region free one also so it can play DVD’s from any country. Loads of really cheap dvd players out there on amazon.

    4. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding a friend or family member with a computer. 99.9% of computers built within he last decade have a DVD player installed. Using that and free software (such as HandBrake) you can rip the DVDs into an mp4 or whatever format you need. I did that because I keep all my woodworking videos on my home server so that I can stream to a tablet without the need of a computer or tv/dvd player in my work space. A little ingenuity and determination, and you’ll be watching in a jiffy!

  3. Thank you so much for the offered discount, Paul! I just placed my order for the set and am eager to dive in!!

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