North of England Woodworking Show-I’ll Be There

We decided to book some space at the North of England Woodworking Show in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for this coming weekend 18-20 November. I’m bringing a few hand tools as per usual and then a workbench too, but this is mostly about seeing my woodworking friends, making and inspiring new woodworkers and then signing your books if you bring them along. Yes we will bring some books with us to sell there and we will also answer your questions if we have the answers too. Oh, and of all the venues I have been to around the world the Harrogate catering staff have always been the very best so plan on a great lunch at a moderate price.


Not much else to say as all the action will start on Friday so hope you will stop in and say hi. Our booth number is 89.


  1. Now there’s another couple of very skilled craftspeople and longstanding customers of mine. I’ve never met Alan but Philippa came to our workshop some years ago and wrote a magazine article on the making of our polishing mops, lovely lady!

    I wish I could make the show and have my book signed but alas not this year-have a great time!

  2. Great meet you and to see so many people around your stall. Thank you for signing my copy of your book and the kind words of encouragement to my son. He still wants to build a Tardis lol.

  3. I am just en route up from Devon. My wife has bought me tickets for tomorrow and given me spending money as a surprise for my 30th birthday. I shall be buying your latest book if they are on sale and what a wonderful way to spend a birthday.

  4. Great to meet you and thanks for signing my book and the advice on the curved mouldings.

    1. It’s at times like this that I have regrets at moving to the Wild West of Ireland. Oh how easy would it have been to dash up the M1/A1and experience demonstrations by Paul from where I used to live.
      Hope everyone who attends has an enjoyable and interesting time. (Guaranteed with Paul being there I would suggest).

  5. Shucks! I’ve just seen this (21st!)- and enjoyed the first day in the garden with my wife in a month as we’ve been chasing about seeing grandchildren et al. Sorry not to see you and to see if there is any disparity between apparently problem free Youtube films and reality without editiing!

    1. Well, I have to tell you that I did cut 33 dovetails perfectly every time in front of audiences and showed the audiences the outcome. And that was about 25 percent of what I did. And the moulds and inlays and picture frame corners came a=out about the same too.

  6. Paul,
    Are you coming to Australia one day. Lots of people would like to see you.
    Michael Jedniuk

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