A Calendar For Woodworkers

I wanted a calendar for woodworkers that took a different tac. We asked Ryan, who photographed the beauty shots for my book, to help us out and I wrote a few sentences to go with each photograph.

We made sure we got a quality print job on quality paper too and it has a simple but effective design. Here are a couple of pages for you:


You can order the calendar here. There is stock here in the UK as well as the US. Orders will automatically be shipped from the best location and this helps keep the shipping costs low.

I wanted the calendar to reach beyond what we do so we will be donating a percentage of the profits from the calendar to the Sylva Foundation towards planting woodlands for the future which is something we very much believe we want to support. Please order early and help us in our ambitions. They will make a pleasing gift for any woodworker you might know. You can find out more about our efforts and other ways to support the cause here.


  1. Why do you limit people to 1 calendar? Does it matter who gets how many as long as they are all sold to benefit the cause they were created for? I wanted to buy one for myself and one for a fellow woodworker but it wouldn’t let me buy 2. Maybe now I won’t buy any.

    1. It’s more likely a technical glitch. No one is deliberately preventing you. Things happen I’m afraid but I’m sure it can be fixed.

      1. its appears the Rokesmith order limit is set to one only per order. I emailed their site a couple weeks back on the same subject but no reply.

      2. Hi Paul,

        Still trying to order 2 calendars and still being told I can’t order more than 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


  2. I ordered and received the calendar. I am quite pleased with the layout and print quality. You should treat yourself to an early Christmas present, and help out with the tree planting project.


  3. Hi Paul,

    it would be great to see all of the pages as a preview here. Thumbnail-size is big enough.

    Best regards,


  4. I was just looking at my 2016 calendar (Victorian High Country Huts) and wondering what I would use for next year then I saw this and bought one instantly. Thanks Paul. Perfect timing as usual.

  5. I also ordered and received the calendar. I am in US and it came very fast. I really love the photos and print quality. Next year, I plan to save some of the photos and put them in handmade frames for my shop wall.
    I would definitely recommend the purchase if you are thinking about it.

    1. I’ve been trying to buy 2 of them since I got the email announcing them but the Rokesmith site won’t let you purchase more than one at a time and I’m not going to make 2 orders and pay shipping twice no matter how cheap it is. I’ve also emailed Rokesmith as BrianJ above did and got no response from them either. Lee Valley sells a woodworking calendar and I’m sure they’ll let me purchase more than 1 if I choose to.

      1. I am sorry of this is difficult but the system seems incapable of differentiating certain conditions. The reason we have blocked two of things is because people in certain parts of the world are plagued with shipping costs that come out more than the book costs. I don’t altogether understand all the details but then we are not Lee Valley.

        1. Hi JP,

          I did order one and they are very nice. The issue is that I wanted to order 2 but I’m not going to make two separate orders and pay twice for shipping to get them.

  6. I’m always looking at others projects, and when I saw your saw horses it reminded me of 8 I constructed. Mine are “Stacking Sawhorses” from Woodsmith #42. When stacked for storage they only take up 16″x24″x 60″ high. I have 4 to use at my home in Kingston, Wa. , and 4 for myself and my neighbors to use in Sun City West, Az. .

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