Happy Birthday Paul!

I am Cristina, Paul’s PA. I have administrative access to this site because I handle the technical aspects. I don’t usually use my ability to create blog posts but I thought I would make an exception to tell you all that it is Paul’s birthday today!

He doesn’t know that I am posting this but he will see it in the next few days. I thought it would be fun to give you all the opportunity to wish him a happy birthday. You can do so via the comments below.

Paul is 67 today and he has no plans to retire. 2016 has been a fantastic year, the team has increased from 3 people, Paul, Joseph and Phil to 6 people, with the addition of Mark, our office manager, Eloise, our new videographer and myself.

We have a series of  great videos planned for the year, woodworking classes, talk events and a new book.

On behalf of the whole team thank you for supporting Paul’s work.

Happy Birthday Paul!


  1. Happy birthday Paul! Thank you and your team for all the wonderful work you do. Best wishes from the USA!

  2. Happy birthday Paul! Thanks for all you do with the blog, masterclasses, teaching and sharing your knowledge. You’re an inspiration!

  3. HB Paul – I feel like I’m watching a Zen tea ceremony when I watch your tutorials – I got started in carpentry doing construction style work which is machine tool oriented as you know – I so wish I had been exposed to proper hand tool technique – I really had no idea how much precision could be achieved with “mere” hand tools – of course there were all these fine furniture pieces in museums everywhere that were hundreds of years old and still beautiful and perfectly joined but (even though I’m not usually so blind) I just didn’t see how that precision joinery would be possible today (even though the almost identical tools have been available for centuries – – anyway… best wishes, I live your presentations.

  4. Happy Birthday Paul ! I am glad I was able to meet you on your last US Tour (Baltimore Show) and am a member of Woodworkingmasterclasses from the beginning. I plan to “retire” next year at 75 and spend my remaining years in my wood shop ..thanks for everything you and your team are doing !

  5. Happy Birthday Paul! You’ve helped to think and feel woodworking not just do woodworking tasks.


  6. Mr. Sellers,
    Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, all the way from Bermuda. May your day be filled with numerous expressions of the treasure you have become to all you touch.

    My wife was kind enough to buy me your book as a Christmas present and I am putting it to use as we speak. I watch and follow many online woodworkers but have found that most of the techniques/tools I actually use when making a project comes from your tutelage. Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing this wonderful skill.

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Paul. Thank you for all that you do each and every day. Your inspiration is priceless.

  8. Paul,

    Happy Birthday. I always enjoy your blog, the facebook posts and videos. The book was fantastic. I recommend your web site to all of my fellow work working friends.
    Have a great day!!!

    David DeLuca
    PIttsburgh, PA – US

  9. Happy birthday Paul and many more!
    Not only are you a talented woodworking but I must add you are a talented presenter as well

  10. I am privileged to be able to add my “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL”

    What would George say…..” aye lad glad to see you kept your pencil sharp”

    I am sure he is looking down on you.



  11. Happy Birthday Paul! Thanks so much for all that you have done for the woodworking community over the years. I really appreciate your desire to share your knowledge with the rest of us!

  12. Dear Sir,

    I hope you are blessed with a very long and a healthy life. I hope this year goes even better than the last for you. From your wood work, painting and writing one realizes how sensitive and observant you are – how you take note of things that quite a few of us tend to overlook or maybe not realize – how you give new life to wood and other objects that have been neglected – how you treat wood with respect and do not waste – I have come to believe that you are a self-aware and a mindful person i.e. you live in the present and therefore take a note of things that most of us would take for granted or not realize they exist because we are probably so caught up in the future or the past that we forget to live in the present. I would also like to thank you for putting out such beautiful pieces of work (in wood, words and other creative forms). Hope to meet you someday in person. You inspire me to be grateful for all that we have and to not waste.
    Happy Birthday Sir!
    NB: thank you Cristina for providing this opportunity.

  13. Happy Birthday Paul!

    Thank you for all the time and hard work that goes in to your teaching, blog & Woodworking Masterclass. I’m sure that all who follow your work past, present and future will echo this. You have certainly inspired me to rekindle my love of woodworking.

    Have a good day and best wishes for 2017.

  14. Happy Birthday Paul !!!!
    Thank you for sharing your life, skills, insight and Joy unselfishly with all of us. The world is a much better and brighter place because of you. Your carpenter mentor has done well with you.
    Best wishes for the coming years.

  15. Happy birthday, Paul! Thank you for the site and the time you take to help all of us! All the best!!

  16. Happy Birthday Paul. I’m about you age too. 67 on Jan. 31st. Because of you videos I built my wife a dining table for Christmas.
    I wish you many more years. Keep up the good work and happy new year.

  17. Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. You’ve helped me so much in so many ways!

  18. Happy birthday Paul, thank you so much for everything you do for us. Long may it continue all the best Rob

  19. Happy Birthday Paul,
    Thanks for all that you do. You inspire me everyday to do my very best woodworking and have fun.

  20. Feliz cumpleaños Paul!
    All your teaching has really changed my life. Enjoy this day and smile a lot. Thanks for all that you do.

  21. A very happy birthday to you kind sir. To many more years of health, happiness, creativeness and amazing teaching. You’ve truly changed how I approach and look at woodworking, and for that I am truly greatful for all you do.

  22. I didn’t think you had a birthday Paul because the advice you give is timeless 🙂 Happy birthday and may your mind and tools always be sharp.

  23. Happy Birthday Paul! Enjoy your day – wish we could celebrate it with you in Merry Olde England!

  24. Bon Anniversaire!

    How proud you must be, Paul Sellers.

    It is a lovely gift from Cristina. Indeed. I’m very so glad to be part of it.

    Jean-Christophe Groussin, Gateshead, UK.

  25. Happy birthday Paul! You have given us so much over the years, I wish there were something we could ogive back today. Thank you for all you have taught us!

  26. Paul,
    Happy Birthday! You have inspired so many people to learn and embrace traditional woodworking.

    Best Wishes,

  27. Happy to you!
    Thank you so very much for your video and printed instruction. I can hardly wait to get home to pratice all you have taught me. ( my job keeps me away from my workbench 9-10 months out of the year)
    I am so glad you put so much effort into helping us novice woodworkers.

  28. happy birthday,paul
    you are by far the best teacher of the craft.you explaine things so well
    and have helped my cabinet shop to do better.

  29. Hourra pour Paul!!

    Have a great birthday ! You are terrific master and good person. Thanks for all! May you continu for another 50 years !

  30. Happy Birthday Paul-Thanks ever so much for your instruction in woodworking-I also glean much from your general thoughts on many different things-you have a level of fundamental common sense and good judgment that I value a great deal!

  31. Last April 9 I woke up with a couple inches of snow on the ground. A couple of inches of snow, ON MY 70th BIRTHDAY, GEE!
    Happy birthday Paul!

  32. Happy Birthday Paul and many happy returns from Maine in the USA. Thanks for everything you do!
    Rich Oberg

  33. Happy Birthday Mr. Sellers. Hope you Have a great day and a very Happy New Year. Thank You for all you do. I am looking forward for your new book.

  34. Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you for all that you have taught me; both in the shop and in life!

  35. Best wishes on your birthday! How appropriate on this day to note the gift of your mastery and willingness to share it with the world. This gift can only be matched by our willingness to watch, learn, do and pass on. Thanks for giving me (and I am sure others), new hope, perspective and purpose every day.

  36. Happy Birthday Paul.
    It is such a marvelous gift you are giving to the woodworking community. I can’t thank you enough for showing me the simple and effective techniques that I have been able to bring into my woodworking, just by watching your videos. Because of the passion for traditional methods that you inspire, my handsaws, chisels, and planes all enjoy a much elevated status in my workshop!
    Here’s to many more wonderful years working wood!

  37. Happy Birthday, Paul! I hope you have a wonderful day with those you love, doing the things you enjoy.

  38. Happy 67 Paul. May you enjoy many, many more years. Thank you,and the staff for all your hard work. I’m seeing the benefits in my own work.

  39. Happy Birthday, Paul! Thanks for everything and I hope you have a great year ahead.

    I always enjoy hearing stories from when you lived In Kerrville, TX. We have friends there and love to visit that area.

    All the best,

  40. Paul,

    It seems rather redundant to add another “Happy Birthday” to this long list, but I wanted to add mine so you know that you mean a lot to me personally. As you know, the work you are doing is having a great impact all around the world, and I pray that your health and well being allow you to continue for many more years to come. As I teach my own children skills that I have learned from you, I realize the power both learning, teaching and passing it on. Thank you so much for passing on your amazing talent. Happy Birthday from snowy Utah, USA.


  41. Hi Paul!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!!!
    Best regards and best wishes from Argentina.

  42. Happy Birthday, Paul.. and many thanks for all the careful attention to detail in your demonstrations.

  43. Happy Birthday Paul! And many thanks for all the great insights, wisdom and inspiration. May the force (of wood) be always with you!

    Best Regards Dave (Dubai)

  44. Happy Birthday Paul. Thank you for the mentoring and inspiration to be a better craftsman/artisan that you have given me.

  45. Happy birthday Paul!! T hanks for what you are doing, very single day, for us growing woodworkers..

  46. Happy happy birthday i wish i could give back somthing because of all the skills and knowledge you have given me but i want to wish you the best birthday wishes and i hope that this day is a good day for you to relax and i will someday be able to give back i want to thank you for all you have done and have a very happy birthday!!!!!!!??

  47. Hapoy Birthday Paul. I have learned a lot from watching your videos! Keep the good work your doing to help new comers to woodworking.

    Tallahassee , Florida USA

  48. Hi Paul! Happy Birthday! You didnt know this, but you share a birthdate with my mother.

    Thanks for all you do Paul! You have inspired me to take up wood working. This spring I am going to build a workbench in my basement. I hope to make many more things after that, and teach my kids too.

    Thank you!

  49. Hope that you are having a Great Birthday Paul and have many more yet to come.

  50. Happy Birthday from Indiana, USA. You’ve made woodworking much more enjoyable for me, and it just keeps getting better. I use my table saw and router table daily, but haven’t plugged them in for over a year now — they serve as handy tables. Have a blessed and prosperous year!

  51. A very happy Birthday to you Paul and may there be many, many more.

    Even though I have not yet had the privilege of meeting you, I feel as if I know you through watching just about every video you have produced.

    Thank you for not having any plans to retire yet and thank you for opening up the wonders of working only with hand tools to me.

    May the year ahead be blessed for you.

  52. Happy Birthday Sir!

    Thanks for many happy hours reading, watching and of course, making shavings…

  53. A very Happy Birthday to you Paul.
    Looking forward to another year of wonderful woodworking projects and tips from you!

  54. Happy birthday, Paul. Thank you for your hard work and the million things I learned from you and because of you.
    Kind regards,

  55. We, from across the pond, are glad you were born! Also, shout out to whole crew: y’all’re doin’ great job!

  56. Hi Paul!
    All the best wishes for your birtday today.
    Best regards from Norway

  57. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL! Thank you so much for your many years of teaching fine craftsmanship!

  58. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday Master Sellers. Thank you so much for all you teach.
    Dave Parks

  59. Happy Birthday Paul, you have inspired so many people over the year, keep up the amazing work!

  60. Happy birthday Paul, your videos have given me the necessary wood fix this winter,
    Many thanks Larry basingstoke

  61. Happy birthday, Paul. The response to your PA’s “secret” blog entry speaks volumes about your reach, and impact on folks. For my own part, i don’t necessarily agree with everything you say, but i do agree that I must think about everything you say. And after all, that’s part of what you’re about. You are certainly an important resource for most of us, and we hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you.
    Jim Mount

  62. Happy Birthday Paul. Your calm demeanor and gracious attitude are much appreciated. I have learned much from your posts, videos and DVDs.

  63. Tanti Auguri Mr. Sellers, (Happy Birthday) and God bless you! 🙂

  64. Happy Birthday Paul !
    Your videos and blogs I have begun watching in 2016 inspired me to make the leap
    “backwards” in technology, and forwards in my thinking of our relationship to the wood I, use and the craftsmen who have come before me.
    Many happy returns!!

  65. Paul, thank you for taking the time to create all of the videos and blog entries. I am new to woodworking and have only a small economic budget. Your videos and blog posts are very helpful. Wishing you a wonderful birthday and upcoming year, filled with happiness and good health.

  66. Happy Birthday Paul, from Nova Scotia, Canada. Thank you for all you do for the woodworking community.

  67. Happy Birthday Paul,

    Thankyou for all your work, you have brought so much light in to my life and I am sure many others too.

  68. Happy birthday Paul! Thank you for all you have taught me in the last year. I hope you have a great day today!

  69. Happy Birthday! Your instruction has helped my father and I rekindle our woodworking interests together, though we live 1,000 miles from each other. We email snippets of your writing and videos to each other daily. Thanks so much.

  70. One more to the 116 here above:
    Happy birthday Paul.
    Because you deserve it.

  71. Paul – Bless you! My birthday is 1/5/54 so I am a few years and a day behind you. Met you twice in Somerset NJ at the Woodworking show. Started down the path of electrical tools but took an about face after your presentation. Sold all my electrical machines (except the band saw): I use it for long rip cuts and re-sawing. So glad I don’t need to hear the whirrr of the router, the joiner, or table saw, the dust and the hazard dangerous machines.

    I plan to retire from teaching math in two years and will work in my shop full time the good lord willing.

    Take care,

    Woodworking Master Classes Member

  72. Happy Birthday Paul, You have been an inspiration to me. Wishing you the best in 2017 and beyond!

  73. Happy birthday Paul!
    Thanks for all the knowledge and passion you share with us.
    Warm greetings from a cold and snowy Sweden.

  74. Happy Birthday, Paul !! Special thanks for all you’ve taught me the past few years.I always look forward to your videos and post. Thanks again for all you do. Enjoy your day !!

    Your the Best,


  75. Happy Birthday…
    Thanks for it all… and I hope you’re enjoying a nice meal and beer with your folks as I write this, at 8:30 in the evening!

    Matt Sims

  76. Happy birthday Paul. Put your feet up and take the day off …You disserve it!!
    Thank you for all your inspirational video’s and tips you so freely give to all woodworkers everywhere in the world. And thanks for giving inspiration back to this disillusioned Joiner, so I could find my passion once again for woodwork.
    Best wishes to you for the day and for rest of the year form New Zealand. .

  77. Happy Birthday Paul. I love your work and am so thankful that I have been able to learn so much about hand tool woodworking from your blog and your videos. Have a Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.

  78. Happy birthday, Paul!
    Just be the man you are and nothing more could be said and wished 🙂

    Wish you all the best,


  79. Happy Birthday Paul…..hope your day is awesome and spent with family and friends.

  80. Happy birthday Paul! Thank you for sharing your passion for woodworking and being a huge source of inspiration.

  81. Happy birthday from Australia today and in 3 days from Michigan.

    You make me a better (hand tool) man.

  82. Happy birthday Paul, I hope that you continue doing what you do best for many many years, inspiring people in having a better life quality. It’s a pleasure to watch you, and I’ve learned so many things from you. Please don’t stop. Regards.

  83. Happy Birthday, Paul! Thanks for the hard work! Your teaching and instruction are invaluable.

  84. Happy Birthday, Paul! Thanks for everything you do, and for changing so many lives!

    Best wishes from Hungary,


    Just discovered your videos on building a workbench, and as a novice woodworker (I just made my first shop-built tool — a maple mallet!), you’ve demonstrated the build in such a way that I can actually see myself constructing one of these! Thanks for putting the videos together to pass on some of your craft to us “newbies”.

    Hope your birthday was fantastic!

    1. Should have mentioned where I’m from, as that’s probably more interesting to you — Danvers, Massachusetts. (And yes, my last name is indeed “Newby”, which is somewhat apropos with regard to woodworking at the moment…)

  86. Happy Birthday, Paul, and Best Wishes for a wonderful year! Thanks so much for all you do to teach those who desire to learn woodworking in a proper, understandable, and no nonsense manner. I have learned so much and am excited to learn at your elbow (even if it must be internet reading and video presentations — they’re great!). I wish that I had discovered your material years ago and could have been able to do a formal apprenticeship with you. I never had opportunity to learn woodworking skillsin our public school system, though I greatly would have desired to do so. God bless.

  87. Happy Birthday Paul, please keep sharing your knowledge with those of us that are just getting started. I was a fan from the very first video

  88. Happy birthday Paul, may god grant you many more. Thank you for inspiring me to take up woodworking again since my school days. Regards Ali, UK

  89. Happy Birthday Paul !
    Thank you so much for your inspiration and knowledge. I am honored to call myself your student. Have a wonderful birthday!

    Lee – New Jersey

  90. Paul,

    I wish you a very happy birthday.
    Thank you for sharing and teaching your knowledge about woodworking, it’s very inspiring.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands

  91. Happy Birthday Paul!!
    Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, looking forward to more great projects, and your next book

  92. Happy Birthday Paul,

    I’ve really appreciated all you have shared with us and wish you all continued success.

  93. Happy Birthday Paul!
    Always look forward to your emails and all the great knowledge you share so kindly. Keep up the good work for many years to come. Best of health to you.

  94. Happy Birthday, Paul. Your videos have changed my life for the better in ways I can never make you understand in words. Thanks so much for everything you have done to spread the joy of woodworking. Cheers!

  95. Happy Birthday Paul and greetings from Lodi, California. I just turned 67 myself a few days ago, so I share your “pain” – where has the time gone! I really appreciate your teaching style and frugal approach. I wish you many happy years ahead!

  96. Happy birthday, Paul.
    Everyday it’s a pleasure to read your blog or see you on YouTube. It inspired me a lot.

    Best Regards from a carpenter of Berlin

  97. Happy Birthday Paul! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to buying and reading your book one of these days. I work mainly with hand tools doing boatbuilding and woodcarving. Keep up the terrific work as it certainly is an inspiration to the rest of us!!!

  98. Happy Birthday Paul
    Sitting here in my very hot shed looking at my new Paul Sellers calendar.
    Very nice photos. Thanks for all you do. Happy Birthday from Australia!

  99. Must also take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday and Thank You so much! From you I have discovered that hand tools are the way to go. And thanks for the occasional comment that recognizes that women can also work with wood.

  100. Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

    Thank you for making woodworking a pursuit than any can enjoy

  101. Thank you and Happy birthday Paul from a machine woodworker, You opened my
    eyes to how effective hand tools can be!

  102. Happy Birthday Paul from Singapore/Vietnam. Keep up with your passion of this wonderful craft and educating the public with your posts.

  103. Happy Birthday Paul from central Texas, not too far from your former home. Selfishly wish you were still here. Thank you so much for your unselfish sharing of a lifetime of skill. You make your knowledge available to so many and will surely change a lot of lives.

  104. Judging by the 200 comments I had to scroll past to leave you this note, it seems that I’m not the only one who has been struck by your words, instruction, wit, and philosophy. Thank you for putting yourself out there and giving people like myself the push needed to become a maker. Wishing you a very happy birthday with many more productive years ahead, Paul!

  105. Paul,

    You’ve done some great things. Almost a one man movement. LOL! Please keep up the steam. And the creativity. Thank you for your efforts in the past and the future. It’s good to see us old guys on Youtube. LOL!

    Happy 67 sir!

  106. Happy Birthday Paul! Thanks for sharing with us your passion, experience and keeping the traditional wood working art alive! Wishing you many more years of videos making!

  107. Happy Birthday Paul! Wishing you many many more seasons of productive life experience and thanks for all of the inspiration and knowledge you continue to share with the world.

  108. Dear Mr Sellers, dear Paul!

    Because of you sharing your lifelong woodworking expertise and love for the craft, you changed my life.

    Five years ago I started working with wood and as so many was blinded by all the machinery which is available today. I thought I need them all to be a woodworker.

    Fortunately at the same time I saw one of your videos on YouTube and just in time it led me back on the right track.

    Instead of spending a lot of money on loud, dusty and dangerous machines I invested in old handtools which I restored.

    Ever since then I have never touched a tablesaw again. I trained myself using your instructions as my guidelines and they served me well.

    I wish you all the best and may you be healthy and happy for many years to come. Happy birthday!

    Kind regards,
    from Kaltenleutgeben/Vienna in Austria

  109. Happy Birthday Paul from us folks in Merville Canada.

    Many thanks for the knowledge and inspriration.

  110. Happy birthday Paul, i wish you long and happy life in good health, your work and lifestyle is an inspiration, dont change it!

  111. Many happy returns Paul. Thank you so much for spreading your knowledge to the likes of me….
    I am halfway through the rocking chair build. Thought it might be a bit ambitious for my third project ever but it’s going well so far thanks to your excellent videos.
    All the best

  112. Joyeux anniversaire Paul!
    Just like Christian says, you changed my life!
    Before reading your blog and watching your videos, I used to think I’d never get the skill to work with hand tools… Now I have built my workbench following your teachings and enjoying new projects…. Merci infiniment!
    I wish you all the best ! Happy Birthday!
    From France, Grenoble

  113. Happy Birthday Paul,
    What an amazing journey you have led us on. Nothing will every be the same. To say thank you seems so feeble.
    Warm greetings from South Africa, from one of your thousands of “apprentices.”

  114. Happy Birthday, Paul!! . I don’t know if you have in England an expression like the one we have in Spain, “que cumplas muchos más”, but it means that we really hope that you have many, many birhdays after this one. Thanks again for all the things you do. Woodworking won’t be the same for many of us. It’s much better now.

  115. What a pleasure it is to add my congratulations. Your work has opened up a whole new approach for so many of us and gives a satisfaction which you will well understand. Next weekend my 6-year old grandson comes to start his induction into Sellers woodwork at my bench … Thank you for everything you have given us.

    p.s. Give that girl Cristina a bonus for initiative!

  116. Happy birthday Paul. You have saved a recently retired man from insanity as I have found something new to learn. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks and bring back his youth at the same time.

  117. Happy birthday Paul and many more of them. It’s always a pleasure to watch your videos and learn something new with each one.

  118. Happy birthday Paul! You had and still have more influence on my life than all of my teachers in the last thirty-something years together.
    Hardly a single day passes without my hands doing something they learnt from you!

    All the best from Germany!


  119. Happy birthday Paul. Even though it is your birthday, I feel like the recipient of gifts as I am sure many other readers of your blog do due to the generosity and diligence of your good self and those who surround you. May whatever comes your way warm your heart and feed your soul. All the best.


  120. Happy Birthday Paul. Thank you for passing on your knowledge and may you continue to do so for many years to come.


  121. Happy Birthday Paul! The world needs more craftsman like yourself. You inspire so many on your blog and help keep our dreams alive with your detailed instructional videos. I hope you receive a gift as big as the gift you have given us.


  122. My “warm” wishes (Rio de Janeiro 33 degrees C) of a Happy Birthday and a New Year full of new projects ?. Feliz Aniversário!

  123. Many happy returns. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your lifetime of experience with the wider world.

  124. Happy belated birthday Paul! I hope you had a good one, and that many more follow. I’d like to add my thanks to those above for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us all – thank you so much! Russell

  125. Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you very much for all you have done for all of us. I, personally, will be forever grateful to you for introducing me to real woodworking. Thank you!


  126. Hi Paul,

    Happy Birthday and many more. From all the good wishes on this post I hope you see how much you mean to all of us. Thank you for all that you are teaching us and know that your work will live on for generations to come through all of us.


    Chris from Florida, USA

  127. Paul, thank you for all that you and your team do for us. It is greatly appreciated. I pray you have a wonderful Birthday.

  128. A very happy Birthday Paul. As many others, I greatly enjoy your videos. In a way, it’s like an apprenticeship – but for the 21st Century.

    I’m glad you have no plans to retire – but it is easy to see you love what you do.

    David Attenborough said it well on his 80th Birthday. When asked if he had any plans to retire, he replied that he couldn’t retire – as he had never worked. He was fortunate that people paid him to do what he would want to do anyway.

    A very enviable situation to be in. Let’s hope you continue to enjoy it for many years to come. I for one am happy to pay my monthly subscription to be educated by watching you doing what you’d want to do anyway…..

    1. I don’t actually meet many retired woodworkers who felt as I do as they couldn’t wait to retire––even men I worked with. What the difference was I don’t know. perhaps it was working for others rather than themselves, I don’t know, but I have always enjoyed working.

  129. Happy Birthday Paul

    I went to night school classes for cabinet making as a newly married man, mainly to make the things we could not afford to buy, now retired I,m returning to woodworking and I have found your tutorials inspirational. I have once again become a woodworking bore and a regular visitor to Axminster tools. I really appreciate the craftsmanship of your work and tutorials and the connection between skills, hand tools and the wood, a truly ephemeral and rewarding experience.
    Have a happy birthday, keep well and keep sending out the videos.
    Best regards

  130. Happy Birthday Paul!
    I just stumbled upon wonderful website and You Tube videos and they have set me off on a new direction in my retirement. Yesterday was my 72 birthday and have supported myself and family for 45 years carpenter/builder. The internet/You Tube has come along a the perfect time in my life for me to learn new techniques and ways to accomplish them. Now that I have the time and not being pressed to “get the job done” using hand tools has put a new perspective into the mix.
    Thanks again,

  131. Never too late to wish someone happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Paul.

    No one teaches traditional woodworking on a large scale so clearly like you. You’re the hand-tool version of Norm Abram! Thanks for sharing your free videos over the years.


  132. Birthday wished to true master! While its your birthday you have given me the greater gift.

  133. I just returned from traveling to find you have recently had a birthday. Allow me to add my good wishes to those you have already received.
    Happy Birthday!

  134. A belated Happy Birthday Paul. Thank you for your excellent teaching methods, counsel, and advice. You videos and both books are splendid reference materials.

    Best wishes for the coming year.

  135. From one Paul and Capricorn (mine’s the 3rd January) to another………..A belated happy birthday!

    Thanks for a fantastic woodworking 2016, my first year in your company. I’ve learned so much and am so looking forward to 2017 where with your guidance, I will be able to produce something out of wood actually worth showing off.

  136. Happy Birthday Mr. Sellers!
    I know I’m late, but I was working in my first hand made closet for my mother, big proyect, and since I saw your videos I’ve been using my hand tools for everything, wich means it takes much more time for a beginner in hand tools.
    You are a great inspiration, I have a new appreciation for hand tools and the precise work they do, and by following your methods I’ve started to grasp those notions and concepts.
    I hope you have 50 more years of woodworking Mr. Sellers!

  137. Bon anniversaire Mr Sellers,
    Very happy you have no plan to retire, what would we do without you…I have so much skills to learn and master.
    Merci de faire ce que vous faites et de proposer un monde plus vrai!
    Cyrille from France

  138. Happy belated birthday from Texas! Keep celebrating! Thanks for inspiring so many, instilling confidence in our own abilities.

  139. I am very late, but I can’t just let it go by: feliz aniversário Paul! I wish you all the best and many years ahead to come, with plenty of peace, love and happiness!

    Best wishes and regards from Brazil.

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