My Latest Video Series

I design a console table using design concepts and methods that have not been shown in my video series anywhere before. I love the way everything came out and here is an intro video you might like to watch to see how you feel about making one. Click here to view the Console Table Introduction. Enjoy!


  1. That’s the definition of “clean lines” – beautiful piece of work. I love the grain matched drawer front.

  2. Incredible. I wonder how you get such crisp lines and smooth surface. Recently I started my first “serious” project – simple oak bed and I’m constantly strugling with grain. Even with freshly sharpen plane i can not get smooth surface and “continous” shavings.
    May this be caused by oak material? Or am I so bad at reading grains 😉 ?
    I harvested it myself from fallen oak tree, it is sun and wind dried, something about 15-20% moisture (I think I can not reach anything better with an outdoor drying)

  3. The front stile grain pattern is carried over on to the drawer front and even onto
    the drawer pull. That is a very interesting and eye-catching design element and so is the almost extreme taper of the legs. I suppose that using solid legs in the design was not possible and you had to use the less appealing (to me) 2-piece design to match up with the overall design concept. It is still a very nice piece of furniture and would not be too difficult for the neophyte to build.

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