Vlog 015 Up!

Hard for me to imagine but the latest vlog went up today outlining a few things that matter to me and hopefully to you too. I was never sure if these would be of interest to everyone but they take you down a different avenue of my life and I am so enjoying sharing things with you.

The builders are putting the finishing touches to the living room, hallway, stairs and landing as well as getting rid of the previous windows to replace them with the double-glazed wooden versions that are environmentally great. With a little patch-up plastering we will be on the last task which is tiling the hallway flooring and covering the stairs and landing. A day or two to go!


  1. I thought there was only me like that, but “If you want the job doing proper then do it yourself”. Trouble is Paul, because of what we know and have done in the past, it’s a dam sight harder for us to turn round to someone and say “can you do this for me I can’t manage it by myself”. The biggest problem that I’ve got now is the Osteoarthritis it’s in my knees, hips, back (but that was crushed years ago). In fact, my left knee has been fully replaced with a metal one. Great when you go through the airport security

  2. I too do everything myself, it’s what’s comes from being raised by depression era parents. I am finding that I do let other people do the work I used to do more and more because of the equipment needed, the time saved or just the knowledge needed to bring things up to code ( like rewiring an electric panel ). I had to have a huge oak tree removed that was overhanging some power lines this year. I just wish I was able to cut that tree into planks but no one would touch it because it was a yard tree. It was 36” in diameter all cut up for firewood.
    Nice pile of wood you got, Elm is almost impossible to get here in the eastern US because the trees were all lost to Dutch elms disease before I was born, ( a long time ago).

  3. I really appreciate these vlogs. Considering I only get an hour or so a day to woodwork, hearing the “off the conveyor belt” is really uplifting. Having 5 kids to put food on the table for, most of my day is spent working. Currently I am working on a dovetail chisel tray. Thank you, Paul.

  4. Funny that since I chose to become a lifestyle woodworker I have no time or interest in the TV. My watching is all related to my wood and the highlight is without a doubt your Vlog. You’ve given me the confidence to change my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

  5. Mr Paul Sellers, thank you so much for being my “mentor” when it comes to woodworking. But your whole outlook on life is truly inspiring, I know for me and probly many others that you completely changed the way I work in the shop. Hand tools really do bring you closer to wood and the skills that hand tools develop will translate to all forms of power tools.

    Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work you so effortlessly pull off.

    Nick Latraille
    Waupaca, WI USA

  6. Paul, I first heard you discuss the importance of stepping off the conveyor belt in I think 2011, when you were teaching at the New Legacy school in upstate New York. It is nice to hear it again. Your words resonate profoundly with me, as I am sure they do with many who have been on that conveyor belt. I’ve been a proud subscriber of the Woodworking Masterclasses since it’s inception, I watch many, build some, but I feel that I am doing a small part to support a great cause that is bearing fruit. Keep up the wonderful work!

    1. I remember you clearly, Mike, two daughters, I think, a hope that they too might adopt woodworking into their lives n some way. All is well here, enjoying life all the more but missing time spent in the US. I will be there this year but trying hard lto reduce my carbon footprint where possible.

      1. paul
        will you be giving us a schedule of location(s) and times if we want to see you.

  7. Hi Paul

    I too have reached the stage of having to get tradesmen in to help. Like you, in the past, I have done everything from plumbing to tiling, building extensions etc but now I find I need a hand. It has been stressful watching the kitchen fitter install our new kitchen when in the past I would have done it myself and just as hard not commenting when he didn’t do it the way I would have. Life moves on and it has given me more time to devote to running our local Men’s Shed project. Keep up the vlogging I enjoy them very much. Mike

  8. Hello Paul I just want to tell you that I really enjoy watching your vlog. Watching you sharing daily life, thoughts, and talk about whatever you want to share with us. 😄


    1. It is kind of you to say this Iris. I enjoy offering an alternative reality for people to see from my day to day and all the more in these troubling and troubled times. I am sure we will get through this period of unrest and that it will indeed change our outlook forever. Please know that my work is continuing more than ever even though I do miss the friends who are working remotely to leave me and distance work from home. We connect every day and they are the kindest and most loving people to work with and know.

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