Woah! My 450,000 YouTube Giveaway is here!

As we are close to reaching 450,000 subscribers on YouTube, the time has come to announce our next giveaway!

I would love for you to help me reach my goal and so to celebrate I’m about give away a bundle of tools:

– Dovetail Saw
– Tenon Saw
– Sliding Bevel
– Gauge
– Combination square
– Stanley #4 Plane
– Woodworker’s Knife
– Set of Chisels

Details on how to enter will be released when I reach 450,000 subscribers (soon I hope), so make sure to subscribe!

Terms and Conditions will apply.

We would love for you to share the competition far and wide to help us reach our goal.

Thank you!


  1. So amazing. Who wouldn’t love a plane, saw etc well set by Paul.
    Thanks for all you are giving to the community of amateur woodworker.
    Greetings Stefan

    1. Hi Paul
      I don’t need any tools so if I win u can donate them to a new woody.
      Finished your brilliant sand box well in time for Xmas. Made from recycled pergola. I Couldn’t wait, so gave it to granddaughter early.
      Love the design.
      Warmest regards

  2. Giveaway of the best tools in the world, by our favourite ‘amateur’ woodworker. Imagine winning those!
    Invaluable, really.
    After everything Paul has given us already…lifetime skills, a different mindset, … I think every one of us is already happy for the winner.

  3. Add Portuguese subtitles to your videos and you will double your subscribers in a few days. It is worth the effort for the team.

    1. Attaching subtitles is a relatively easy process (a nuisance, but not much more than that); the hard part is getting the translations. If you know someone who’s willing to go through Paul’s videos and produce transcriptions with translations — in Portuguese or any other language — I suspect someone can be persuaded to volunteer to edit them into the videos.

      But you have to repeat all that effort for every additional language. And that adds up fast.

      Paul’s giving us a huge amount of top-quality content for free. If we want fancy features like subtitling, it’s up to us to either provide it or fund it.

  4. Thank you Paul, once again for the emence knowledge of information that you so patiently and passionately part onto us so that we become more confident and grow to love this art of woodworking. We love giveaways!

  5. Congratulations!!!!!
    I love giveaways, perhaps I have luck?!
    Greetings from Germany

  6. The possibility of winning tools that have been used by a crafts person is sufficient motivation in itself to stop worrying where to place the table saw and start to think about the noise a well sharpened plane makes as it takes whisper thin shavings off a board.

  7. Very generous of you Paul. These tools would benefit any woodworker whether they be pro or hobby. You are educating a whole population of woodworkers regardless of their level of knowledge. Thanks much.

  8. Thanks Paul. I would love to have the tools so I could pass them along to someone else. I already have all of them and don’t really need them but would love to have something that you have and to use! thanks John

  9. Paul, thank you for your outstanding videos. Not just woodworking but recipes and gardening tips too !

  10. I’ve learned so much from you Paul, and winning these tools would be over the top! Not sure if I have the confidence to use them, more likely frame them, and build my own set of tools, and try to make my own heirlooms! Thank you so much for educating me in wood work and in life.!

  11. Only 2 years into my woodworking, but I love it more and more each day. I love my few hand planes, and were be so delighted in winning one of yours. Building a case for them and new ones as we speak. Stay well Paul.

  12. Greetings Paul and crew. Been following you on YouTube, WWMC, blog, vlog, etc since 2008. Still enjoy learning new things. Thanks.

  13. Wondering why you want more followers – for more reach out and/ or for more resources? If the latter, I think it would be better to say “to provide you with HQ content, support for a long time we would need X amount. Please join, donate etc.” I am sure people would be happy to donate for the wealth they get from you.


    1. Mainly it is to spread the good news about real woodworking but that is gathering its own momentum after 2.5 decades that began with almost zero hand woodworkers anywhere. I reach millions today and they all feel a lot like I do. It’s great but we are not done yet.

      1. Keep going Paul! Just got 1/3 of a ton of Austrian Zirbelkiefer (Pinus cembra), translator says Swiss stone pine. Need new projects 🙂

        (And just renovated a 4 and 4 1/2 Record from the 50ties according to your video. They work great!)

  14. Wow!

    You should sign them!

    Mind you I guess they should continue to be used. If I won something and it was signed I’d probably want to frame it!

    But I would build the frame with it first of course.


  15. Winning one or any of these giveaways would be dream come true. I am an 82 years old DIYer and most of my tools were bought from yard/garage sale. I can not afford new tools. I am eagerly awaiting for the rules to be published.

  16. Greetings Team Paul from sunny South Africa. Like many, I’m a keen follower of your channel and absolutely love all the content you and your team put out. My sincere thanks for what you do best as it keeps many woodworking enthusiasts captivated when reading your posts or watching your videos. Eagerly awaiting release of details on how to enter to win theses tools from an amazing master of his craft. If I am the lucky one to win, I honestly don’t know whether I would use the tools to hone my woodworking craft or actually frame them as memorabilia, ha, ha. The more I think about it, I think I would use them as they are intended to be used so that I can actually see in reality what it means to use a “well honed tool” from Paul Sellers.

    Stay blessed!!!

  17. Hello Paul,

    I have been following you for a couple of years, and I have managed to build up a small collection of tools already, but if I were lucky enough to win, I would gift these to my best friend who is intrigued by my journey, but hasn’t taken the step himself yet, so I think that this would give him the incentive to do so.


  18. I deeply appreciated your email today and perfection in our work. I have often wonder once I build the perfect piece than what? Working with wood has always been rewarding to me and developing skills that I have yet to achieve. Perfection is overrated but rather to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday is a better goal. Thanks for sharing your expertise and guidance.

  19. Thank you Paul for such enjoyable and informative videos. I’ve been a woodworker all my life and to see your videos today – especially those that have taught me to sharpen my own saws at last! – makes me realise that they actually crystallise so many of the things that are truly wonderful about our craft. Thanks again Paul, you’re a genuine star.

  20. Wondering when the winner will be announced. I cannot seem to find those details anywhere?

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