Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of my family and friends in the USA and then too those around the globe. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I love and appreciate each and every one of you!

Be blessed in your thankfulness and love for one another!


  1. Thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving to he Seller’s Family!
    While I never really bought in to the stories of the ‘First Thanksgiving,’ I’ve always considered Thanksgiving to be the best holiday here in the US, as everybody celebrates, no matter their differences.

  2. So much to be thankful for – the loves of my life, the love of my family and friends, reasonable health and a positive outlook on what each day has to bring. I wish it for all, bountiful thanks giving.

  3. I have a wonderful family to be thankful for. And I thank you for your wonderful work and teaching skills. Through you, I have begun a journey of peaceful joy in learning new skills and improving every day.

  4. Thank you Paul. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Take care and be safe.


  5. Paul,

    I consider you/your instruction to be a gift of knowledge and encouragement!
    Thank you very much.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and Best wishes!

  6. Paul, thanks so much for the videos instructing us in the use of hand tools. As you have mentioned it is very rewarding and in some cases a good workout. I posted something in the past about your preferences on sharpening stones. I learned on oil stones and have a preference for them but you seem to like water stones. Can you discuss the pluses and minuses? Thanks. JRW

  7. Paul, a wonderful and most Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family!!! My wife and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary for which I’m profoundly grateful. I’m also grateful for your teaching and ability not only to teach but to do.
    Rodney Magee

  8. Paul, it has been a long time since the time spent in Elm Mott in classes and fellowship. We are still blessed to be able to share Thanksgiving with daughters, their families and grandsons. They have most of the items I made during the classes and after.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all can find things to be thankful for every day.
    Harold Chesley

  9. I am thankful for family, God’s providence, and having the opportunity to learn hand tool skills through Paul’s instruction.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I am thankful to have found your instructions and to you for making them available around the world. It has been great to have family and friends near doe Thanksgiving.

  11. Paul, This thanksgiving was a nontraditional one with all the social distancing and what not. Dinner was cooked as usual but due to social distancing, the missis and I ran an uber meal delivery service. A meal was packaged for each daughter’s household, loaded in the car and delivered with a hurried Happy Thanksgiving Well Wishing.

  12. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and calming presentations. They enhance the lives of many. Many thanks.

  13. Thank you Paul and a happy Thanksgiving to you also. I love your videos and the way you present them . I’d love to start wood working as I play guitar and have made a few kit guitars. But I’d love to do it from scratch. Unfortunately living in shared accommodation it isn’t possible. Keep up the good work. Much love.

  14. -all I want to know-
    When will you publish a video on how to make a “heart” onion?????

    Happy Holidays and thank you for all the great content.

  15. Hello Paul,

    Have a nice Thanksgiving to you and Family.
    Many thanks for your wonderful Work and sharing your thoughts and skill in this wonderful Woodworking World !
    Happy Christmas and Holidays Season to all.

    R. Dubuc
    Quebec, CANADA

  16. AROHA MAI, AROHA ATU! Mr. Sellers, team, and all kindhearted craftspeople over ‘there’ (even to those not reading this) 🙂

    *Love received demands love returned

    Crafty regards from Aotearoa/New Zealand


  17. An onion for the ages! Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well, Paul. May 2021 be a better year for all of us in every way.

  18. Hello Paul! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! It was a pleasure to meet your son in your recent video, and also to get the tour of your workshop.
    Kind regards,

  19. Paul, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    I think I’m of an age with you, 76 next week, and your posts bring back memories from my shop days. I gained my woodworking knowledge from my shop teacher. He taught us beginning with drafting, leather work, and woodworking.
    My slant for power tools goes back to him. We learned had the use of a full shop full of power tools, and thinking back on it, I don’t believe there was a hand plane in the building.
    I remember the day one of my friends dropped his little finger too low and I happened to be watching and saw a pink cloud.

    With your assistance, I am getting into hand tools because I have discovered that the slower pace of hand tools allows me to be more accurate than with my power tools.

    I really want to thank you for teaching me the right way to sharpen a chisel or plane.

    May you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    I love watching your video blog and the ducks especially your teachings.
    If I could, I’d give you a great big hug and a cup of
    hot chocolate”) Love from the USA

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

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