Happy Birthday Paul!

This is Joseph, Paul’s son, and I am here to ask you all to join me in wishing him a very happy 74th birthday!

We had a low-key celebration at work yesterday for him and have a further family celebration planned for this weekend.

Despite his 74 years of age my dad is fit as a fiddle and (despite regular check-ins on the topic) says he has no intention of retiring at this stage. Don’t worry though, this choice is entirely in my dad’s hands, and we can tweak the business operations to flexibly accommodate any direction he takes on that.

Many of you will know that a couple of months ago my dad had an operation on his hands. You can see some of why he chose that course here. He is doing his exercises and is making a complete recovery. He was showing us all over Christmas how much better and flatter his hands are now than they were before.

Let me also take this moment to thank you all for your love for, and encouragement to my dad. He loves what he does and loves to share it with all of you. Your feedback and encouragement that what we do matters means the world to us.


      1. Happy birthday Paul. Thanks for all your videos and tutorials. wishing you all the best this year and for many more to come.

      2. He is the best teacher, he explains the how and the why and makes it easy to understand. Happy Birthday!

      1. Best Wishes Paul,
        you are like North Star of traditional woodwork, so while i cannot always follow directly, it is great knowing you and your guidance are there.

      1. Happy Birthday Paul!

        I had my carpal and cubital fixed at the same time about 18 months ago. I was fine until they removed my bandages and stitches. It wasn’t until then I felt “unprotected”. That quickly was over come. All in my recovery time was about 10 weeks until I could grab my fore plane. And a solid three months before I was free of any of the lingering remnants from my surgery. You’ll be fine, you have to be I’m not done learning from you!


        1. Thank you Chris, My recovery has been immediate really. I just left the hospital after a review and there is really no sign or feeling left by the two procedures and nthing stoppped me from actually working after the first post op two weeks where the advice was to work but go lightly for that period. My hands are both back to the same condition they were 25 years ago. It’s been six weeks now.

    1. Happy Birthday Paul! Many blessings today and through out the year. Really enjoy watching your videos. may your recovery be speedy!

      Kind Regards,


      1. Happy Birthday Paul, and my sincere thanks for the difference you have made for myself and many others.

        1. Paul, happy birthday and God bless you and your family. Thank you for all the great work you do. In addition, you are a natural teacher who has greatly impacted peoples lives and have shown us how to become better individuals.

    2. Desde Mexico, muchas felicidades al paestro Paul Sallers de parte de Ihosvani Arregoitia
      From Mexico, congratulations to Father Paul Sallers from Ihosvani Arregoitia

    3. Happy Birthday, Paul. I have learned so much from your videos and articles. Much appreciated. As we say about our nine-year-old Chocolate Lab (and ourselves), you’re in your prime!

      1. I hope you had a great day of celebrating YOUR day. And as many have said in these comments, thanks for all you have taught, and will teach, us.

        1. Happy birthday, Mr. Sellers! Thank you for all of your efforts to pass along all this great knowledge and expertise on traditional woodworking. I’m learning a lot!

    4. happy birthday day Paul. wishing you stay healthy and we get privileged to learn from you for many more years to come!

    5. And from me, on an island off northern Australia. I’m a newish 69yo hand tool woodworker and very much appreciate Paul’s resources and encouragement. Good luck with the hand recovery – my coming challenge will be eyesight, but I don’t intend to let it stop me. Good on you too, Joseph.

    6. Happy birthday, Paul.
      There’s no reason to retire from carpentry at 74. I started my career in the carpentry ten years ago when I retired from journalism.
      At 75 I’m still curious to learn more and more and find great inspiration in your blog.

    7. I am pleased that Mr. Sellers is so young, in both spirit and body. I am 86 and still enjoy my shop.


    9. Dupytren’s Contracture. Prayers upward for successful results.🙏
      Many happy returns on your 74th, Paul!

    10. Have a Very Happy Birthday Paul !!!
      You are truly a very Special person, thanks for giving us all inspiration and knowledge.

    11. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for all the wonderful videos and instruction over the years!

    12. A little bit late but Happy Birthday !!! I’ve learned so much over the last year and you have a great teaching technic thanks for all the hard work !!!!

  1. Sincere congratulations with the Birthday! Wish you a lot new videos which we watch with a great interest and thanks for such understandable descriptions of the processes and works. Happy Birthday!

    1. Happy Birthday Paul, age is just a number to some, either by genetics or other means, some of use are healthier than a man your age should be, as my doctor has told me. I take that as great news. At 75, I am enjoying my eighth year of retirement from real work to concentrate on my real love, woodworking.
      I feel you are doing the same. I know you have influenced my shop time and made projects easier to accomplish.
      Blessing sent from SC on your special day.

  2. A very, very,very Happy Birthday!!! To you Paul. And a (very) prosperous new year!
    I have quite enjoyed your teaching, instructions and those nuances of inspiring, do this-don’t do this-let’s try this….
    Again, I wish you all the best in this new year.
    Regards, john.

  3. Happy Birthday, Paul — you are showing many of us the way to remain active, thoughtful, and lively!

  4. Congratulations and happy birthday Paul. I look forward to next year’s creations and to trying to emulate some of your work alongside (virtually) you.

    1. Happy Birthday Paul,
      Thanks so much for teaching about wood working. I work as a welder/machinist in my fathers shop and never had much interest in wood work until my then 3 year old son and I discovered a video of you cutting a mortise and tenon joint with a hand saw and a chisel. I was fascinated and have since bought your essential hand tools book and have made the router plane you designed from hedge my great great grandfather planted. With my background in machining and forging it is also fun to consider all the new tools to be made. Thanks again for opening my eyes to a whole new trade. I would love to take a class from you if it could ever work out.

  5. And another happy birthday and many more. Enjoy your time with family and turn loose that grandbaby so she can apprentice with you.

  6. Hi Paul,
    Congratulations on your 74th birthday. I’ve very much enjoyed sharing the past 10 years of your life. May you continue to thrive and prosper.

  7. Happy Birthday Paul!
    Thank you for your wonderful instructional videos and inspirational writings.
    I have gone down the hand tools path with your guidance and enjoying it so much.
    All the best for many more years of good health and wood working instruction ahead.

  8. Happy birthday Paul! I hope you had a wonderful day and am wishing you many, many more!

    As a beginner woodworker, I cannot thank you enough for all of your videos, blog posts, and book that have been tremendously helpful.


  9. Happy birthday, Paul!
    I’m thankful to have stumbled upon one of your YT videos a few years ago.
    Here’s for many years to come.

  10. Happy Birthday Paul, I am a few months in age behind you and your inspiration and teaching is phenomenal.
    Thank you.
    Have a great weekend celebration.

  11. Many happy returns of the day! Best wishes for further recovery in your hands. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance you give to so many of us. Here’s to many more videos!

    1. Happy Birthday Paul, thank you so much for doing what you do, you inspired me the most out of many. to many more healthy years of woodworking,

  12. Paul
    a very happy belatedbirthday to you and many more!
    I only wish I had a gift to give you that comes close to the many gifts you have given to me in the passing along of you love, experience, insight and experience with wood you have shared with me, and so many more.
    A truly outstanding man who has made a huge difference on the landscape around the world.

  13. Happy Birthday, Paul! And a HUGE thank you for all you do for the woodworking community. It is greatly appreciated. Here’s wishing for a speedy recovery from your hand surgery and back in the shop as soon as possible.
    All the best,

  14. A very Happy Birthday, my Brother Paul !! Thank you so very much indeed for your passion and commitment to share what you do with all of us who are keenly interested in learning skills that otherwise would be lost to us. You’ve been a delightful inspiration to me personally for some time now. All the best to you, and God’s blessings. <

  15. A Very Happy Birthday Paul. You are a true inspiration! As another Manchester lad i’ll be joining you for my 70th on Monday.

  16. One day too late, but I do want to congratulate you for your birthday. I love the way you teach hand tool woodworking . Not only do I enjoy your video’s, but I love to read your blog. You say that you are not a great writer, but for me as a non-native English speaker and reader your blog is also an enrichment of my language skills.
    Thank you very much and a good 2024.

  17. Happy Birthday, Paul!

    I just started watching your videos a few weeks ago and am in the middle of building a workbench based on your series.

    God Bless,

  18. Happy Birthday Paul from a Canadian travelling in Australia. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience so freely!!

  19. Happy birthday Paul all the very best in health and in your woodworking.
    Thank you for all them fine videos from the past years

  20. Happy Birthday Paul!
    I am very happy to hear that you have both of the most important tools back in working order, your hands.

    I am thrilled to know that you are working towards your goal of woodworking and sharing the knowledge that you have. There’s not enough gratitude I can express to repay you what you have taught me and many others.
    Have a great day and weekend.

  21. Happy Birthday Paul!
    I wish you all the best for the coming year and look forward to some more of your videos. Informative and relaxing to watch!

  22. Happy birthday, Paul! I recently became interested in hand tool wood working and discovered your page and have been so inspired! Thank you for what you do! I’m wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

  23. Paul, a very happy birthday. I’ve written and deleted this a few times as I wanted to get my thoughts across accurately.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wisdom/knowledge with us over the years. It would seem that you deliver far more than woodworking and offer comfort to many people whilst producing your tutorial videos of ‘real’ achievable projects without the need for expense and theatrics.

    Tonight I’ll raise my ‘rag in a can’ and wish you a fantastic birthday and many more happy, healthy years spent with family, friends and your wider audience…….Cheers!

    PS. Thanks to Joseph and all those involved in the production of Paul’s work.

  24. Happy Bithday Paul, May you have many more, I am totaly addicted to your site and Love it. I have learned so much from watching your projects. Keep doing what your doing. You are only 74 better things are ahead I am 80

  25. Happy 74th birthday hope you have many more in the future.

    I just celebrated my 70th in Dec, can say I’m starting to feel the years catching up though. Not as fit as you are, have a bad back.

    Take care and looking forward to your instructional videos this year.

  26. “IT’S WEIRD BEING THE SAME AGE AS OLD PEOPLE” (insert wink emoji here)
    74 looks good on you. thank you for ur videos and email posts!
    b safe/b well

  27. Happy Birthday Mr . Sellers!

    I tell anyone who will listen ” i’ve learned more from this man in the last 5 yrs that i did in the 40 before.

    Building Trades Teacher

  28. Happy Birthday Paul!! May you and your family enjoy many more.
    Through your videos and blogs you have proven to be a great inspiration and teacher.


  29. Happy Birthday Mr. Paul. I am ahead of you by 1 year. Just turned 75 in December. I too have enjoyed working with my hands all my life. It’s so rewarding to step back and look at a project, large or small, and just take it all in for a few moments and realize what you have accomplished with these precious things called hands that God has blessed us with. Happy Birthday again and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery on your hands.
    Jim Light
    Goshen, Ohio USA

  30. Happy birthday from France Paul !

    I am 74 1/2 years old just going ahead of you. I love woodworking by hand with old tools and you are a master for me.
    If you come to France I recommand you to visit the « musée de l’outil et de la pensée ouvrière » in the city of Troyes.
    You can find images on the web with this name. Amazing. Probably more than 10 000 hand tools.

  31. Many happy returns, Paul! Though I get the confidence to take on things I hadn’t in woodworking with your help, it’s nearly as gratifying to see the joy and sustenance you and Joseph have taken from undertaking this challenging enterprise. Congratulations on that smile on your face, man, and thanks to you and everyone for undertaking our sustenance and education. Happy birthday!

  32. Wishing you all the very best Paul and thank you for all the so very useful info. You are my favorite Youtuber.

  33. Happy Birthday Paul! You have inspired me to use hand tools in my woodworking projects. You are a great teacher.

  34. Happy birthday and a fast and complete recovery, Paul!

    Thank you for all the insight, inspiration and joy you are giving with your teaching.

  35. Happy Birthday Paul!

    And Joseph, I can only hope my own son will be as kind and caring as you ;). [ He was a good kid and is now a good man, so (fingers crossed 🤞) 😊 – but he hasn’t made any stringed instruments, yet! 😀 😄.]. I’m sure Paul is very proud of you 🙂

  36. Happy Birthday Paul!! Hope you have a speedy recovery with you hands and many more years of doing what you love.

  37. Happy Birthday Paul. Wishing you and your family only the best!
    Thank you for all you do with keeping real woodworking alive!

  38. Happy birthday sir, wish you a fantastic day.
    You are an inspiration.
    Please keep doing what you do. I enjoy reading and learning from you.

    Stoneham, Qc, CDN

  39. Have a very happy birthday Paul. Please keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to all of us.

  40. Happy Birthday Paul! I have learned so much through your teaching. Thank you for the time and effort you put into sharing your knowledge with all of us. I am praying that God blesses you with health and strength for many years to come and that Jesus is Lord of your life.

  41. Happy Birthday Paul, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. You have influenced my woodworking thought process to the point that I abandoned my power tools for the safer simpler methods of hand tools.

  42. Happy Birthday Paul, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. You have influenced my woodworking thought process to the point that I abandoned my power tools for the safer simpler methods of hand tools.

  43. Happy birthday Paul. You are my mentor and hero. What you have done for woodworking is wonderful and selfless. May you live long and prosper.

  44. Happy Birthday, I understand what you have gone through. I too, have had hand surgery. I am an amateur woodworker and like your YouTube videos. I just recently started watching them and appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and many more. God Bless!!!

  45. Paul, Happy Birthday. I have learned a lot from you that has help me enjoy my hobby – woodworking.

  46. Paul
    Happy Brithday. They come and you and I contiue to do what we enjoy. As we add to the years, but hug your family they arte your best asset and enjoy them as you continue to do as you work with wood and tools.

  47. Happy Birthday Paul! I’ve learned so much from you, and I’m looking forward to your next video.

  48. Happy Birthday Paul !
    Whatever you do don’t slow down. I have great memories of meeting you when you were lecturing at the Woodworking Show in Timonium, Maryland (Baltimore area). Years ago.

  49. Happy Birthday Paul. You are a real godsend to me, your tuition is fantastic a real pleasure to me a 63 year old apprentice. Best wishes.

  50. Happy Birthday to you Paul!! The best whishes from here. I just enjoy watching the master work and I learn a lot. And it is always great! Thank you!!

  51. To the man who has made my retirement such a blessing by giving me a new craft skill; I would like to add my best wishes so “Happy Birthday Paul”.
    I am certain there are thousands of people who are so glad to hear you have no plans to put away your tools just yet.

    I hope you have Many more happy birthdays in the years to come Paul.

    Best regards

    John S

  52. Happy Birthday Paul, you were very much in my mind this last two days as I tried my hand at dovetailing. I spent today watching your videos and reading your book. You are a true inspiration. Thank you.

  53. Happy Birthday Paul. You are a true gentleman and I love the way you bring your values and ethics to the work you do.

  54. Happy Birthday Paul, and thank you for all you’ve taught me. I’m 82 and still building furniture and cabinets, so don’t ever stop, just pace yourself.

  55. Happy birthday Paul, I hope you have a great birthday with many more to follow! You have been a great source of learning for me and I greatly appreciate it and I want you to know that it’s been put to use and I will continue. I hope you can stay out in your shop and work just as long as you want to.

  56. Well darn, Happy Birthday Paul, every year I catch up but you always seem to pass me again, good for us huh. Thanks for your generosity sharing your knowledge with the world.

  57. Happy birthday to you Paul. I appreciate your videos and teaching a lot. Have a really nice birthday celebration 😊

  58. Happy Birthday Paul ! Rediscovering woodwork has been and continues to be a delight in my life – under your expert guidance – thank YOU Sir !!

    Take care and keep having Fun !!!

  59. Happy birthday Paul.
    Thank for all you are teaching us (woodworking of course but also other things in your blog posts).

    On the picture, is it a proof of concept behind your left elbow, against the wall?

    As this is the 6th of January, have a nice king cake. You already have the crown.

  60. Happy Birthday Paul
    Have enjoyed your work and your willingness to share your knowledge with all of the extended Sellers family of woodworkers. I am so glad your hands are doing well.
    I am 77 and I am going back to the drs here in the USA to see if they can help with carpal tunnel in my Right hand .
    Allready had 2 surgeries that really did not help a lot. Have decided o seek another surgeon although the dr who did the work was suppose to be one of the top hand surgeons in my area.
    Enjoy your videos anf your blogs. I dont know if the term Renaissanc man applies but you have a huge skill set . Furniture maker, teacher, phtographer, writer, artist and seemingly still learning as evidenced by your latest interest in block carving/printing.

  61. Hi paul
    Many happy returns (belatedly )hopefully it was the best with many more to go .
    Happy and fruitful new year to you and all.

  62. Happy birthday Paul. You continue to be a source of great inspiration for me and many others. Wishing you all the best.

  63. Dear Paul,
    Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best, good health, and a happy and successful new year!

    I wanted to express my gratitude for your amazing work and videos, which have inspired me to explore non-motorized tools. My beloved Grandfather was a skilled woodworker throughout his life, and when he passed away 15 years ago, I inherited some of his tools. Unfortunately, they had been mostly unused and neglected in my small hobby-workshop. However, thanks to your help and instructions, I have been able to bring them back to life. I recently used them to straighten, flatten, and create real 90° edges on a simple 60×60 piece of wood. Although this may seem like a small accomplishment, it gave me a profound sense of connection with my granddad. It felt as if he was looking down on me with a smile. I am truly grateful for your amazing knowledge and content, which made this possible.

    I encourage you to continue your excellent work, and I wish you all the best for the years to come!

  64. Happy Birthday Paul and thank you so much for your many years of sharing your knowledge. Have a wonderful day.
    Don Schrot

  65. Happy birthday Mr. Sellers. From your second home if Texas, I wish you many more and thank you for sharing your skill, instruction and philosophy with us all.

  66. Happy belated birthday wishes Paul. Hope it’s been an awesome one. Thanks for all your teachings and wisdom.

  67. Happiest of birthdays to you, Sir Paul! Wishing you the best of all things for your 75th year! Thanks for all you do to bring not just tools and techniques of woodworking to the world, but also the spirit of the craft as well. Godspeed, sir!

  68. A very Happy Birthday Paul,
    and many thanks for all the great advice, wonderful projects and useful tips you share with us.

  69. Wishing you all the best in this next turn around the sun! Thank you so much for all of your effort to educate the woodworking world! I became blind a few years ago and had all but given up on woodworking. Your lessons have inspired me to continue to learn, and for that I am grateful.

  70. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! From Buenos Aires, Argentina. You’ve had a large influence in my woodworking. The fact that I can’t get past the rustic woodworking stage is entirely up to me :-). Many thanks for everything, Paul!

  71. Happpy birthday to you from Indian subcontinent too.
    You are a great teacher………………
    We have learned a lot from you. Thank you………………

  72. Dear Paul!
    A bit belated now, but still from my heart I do wish you a very happy birthday! Have a great next year, full of new experiences and many nice meetings, having fun and keeping on fulfilling your passion for woodworking!
    I also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your inspiration! It was you who started me in woodworking when I tumbled over your YouTube videos six or seven years ago, and I then started restoring a number four following your advise. It got me started with the whole hand tool thing and at that time I never knew it would become the only real hobby I do in my precious free time. It also helped me a lot going through some hard times and continues to provide good manual contrast to my job.
    Today I saw Joseph’s post, while taking a break from maintenance work on my chisels. (Weekend pleasures) So I thought why not letting you know how much I owe you. I guess there are a lot of messages like this in your mailbox over the years as you keep on inspiring and reaching out, but nevertheless I thought it’s as good as an opportunity can be for me to tell you and thank you very much! It’s just that much that I can give back for all the joy and honest labour that you inspired me to do that enriched my life.
    So again, I hope you had a great birthday already and some festivities to come in this week! Have a great time and quick and good recovery from your surgery!
    All the best!

  73. As the late great R. Buckminster Fuller might say, “Congratulations, young man, on having made it yet another revolution around the Sun on Spaceship Earth!” You’re the man!

  74. Happy birthday! Let’s hope you have many more years of inspiring us all in your love for working with wood.

  75. Happy Birthday Paul. Know that you have many followers that have gained much from your sharing your skills and knowledge. Thank you.

  76. Belated Happy B’Day, Paul. You’ve come to the end of one loop around the Sun and here comes another. I wish you so many more all as pleasant.

    Thank you for your writings, your pictures and drawings, your projects, and your willingness to keep at it. You’ve made a difference in my days.

    Finally, huge thanks to your team whose members keep making this so lively and real. Well done people!

  77. Happy birthday Paul!
    Thank you 1000 time for teaching all of us for never be alone as long as we have a knife and a pice of wood to shave it does make a beautiful music to my ears.
    God bless you.

  78. Happy birthday from the US. I continue to be inspired by your wisdom and in the way you put it into words and photos.

  79. Happy Birthday Paul, You inspired me to take up hand tool woodworking 3 years ago – Most satisfying thing I do in retirement – I’m 80 and learning more every day – particularly from you … and from my mistakes. Great videos Great blog Great outlook.

  80. Many Happy Returns of the Day Paul.

    You have a wonderful talent and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  81. Happy Birthday, Paul. Thank you, to you and all your staff for all you’ve done for me for over a decade now. I feel like I actually know you. I began following you when I came across the workbench project videos shot in your back yard with the sounds of from the schoolyard next door. Your approach to woodworking resonated with me from seeing that first (for me) series. I watched them all as they came out one per week or so. I love my bench. Nearly all my power tools are gone. The remaining ones rarely used. Its a joy to watch your re-runs. Each time I pick up words of wisdom worth filing away. Happy Birthday from California.
    Raymond Bensen

  82. Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you so much for everything !
    Many, many Happy Returns!
    Dai Pritchard.

  83. Happy Birthday, Paul. Thank you for your wonderful instruction through books, video, and blogs.


  84. Happy Birthday Paul. Happy to see the surgery worked well and therapy is progressing. Here is to many more years of woodworking.

  85. Lieber Paul,
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag und vielen Dank für all Deine Projekte und dem Teilen. Wir alle lernen sehr viel von Dir.
    Liebe Grüsse aus Wien

  86. Happy Birthday, Paul! It has been a wonder having you in our lives. Wishing you all the best in the new year – both your’s and the world’s.

  87. Happy Birthday, Paul!! All the best wishes for your hand recovery!

    I always enjoy the British custom of party hats for the birthday boy or girl. I wish we Americans would loosen up and adopt this happy practice to lighten our moods a bit. Who couldn’t use a bit more fun and a bit less seriousness? Gotta balance work and play! Way to be a thought leader even in the celebration of a birthday!!

  88. Paul, Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful new year of life full of health, peace, happiness and prosperity. Thank you for showing, walking, and teaching the most wonderful path to a life full of joy for all woodworkers around the world regardless of where we are in our journey. Warm regards from St. Augustine, FL

  89. Thanks Joseph for the update on your Dad! Please pass on my thanks for the wonderful videos he has produced over the years, they have been very educational and inspiring to so many of us.

  90. Happy birthday, Paul! I and my two sons are very grateful for your passion to share your lifetime of learning.

  91. Happy B-DAy Paul! you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing with you your knowledge and for helping us aspire to be as good as you one day.

  92. Happy Birthday, young fella! Enjoy your day.
    (I started some simple hobby wood working when I retired from land surveying and appreciate your concise teaching methods. They help an old dog with these new tricks! As well, you are an example of the old adage that following a path that you love means that you need never “work” a day in your life. )

  93. Happy Birthday, Paul! And THANK YOU for your sage and most useful guidance over the years. I simply don’t know what I’d do without you! You are The Best. I hope the universe blesses you with many more years of instructive service.

  94. Hello Paul, Happy Birthday! You are a treasure for this world, I enjoy your methods of workmanship and wish we had more tradespeople like yourself to show the upcoming generations how things can be done. I have retired from the refrigeration field and know that there are very few replacements available. I have been a follower for quite awhile.

  95. A very happy birthday to you Paul. What a huge family you’ve created. You’re Christmas card list must be ginormous. Thank you for your extraordinary tutelage. You are a shining inspiration.

  96. Happy Birthday Paul. Look forward to reading your next hand woodworking tips, and projects. Keep them coming.

  97. Wishing you a very Happy 74th Birthday Paul and many many more. Thanks for your gift of inspiration and the teachings that go along with it, and not just about woodworking I might add. Celebrate the day.

  98. i wish you the vert best Paul! A VERRY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! and thank you for teaching us all ! i love learning from you! happy birthday !

  99. Happy Birthday Paul ! Thank you for the wonderful way you share your knowledge and encouragement . You are an inspiration and a blessing .

  100. Happy Birthday! Dupuytren contraction runs in our family too. My Dad was a Hair Stylist by trade and had the same surgery to straighten his fingers. Very hard to use styling scissors correctly when your finger is bent. All the best in your recovery. I am a total newbie to woodworking and enjoy watching your videos and reading your blogs. Thank you for being so generous with your skills and knowledge.

  101. Happy Birthday from Texas Paul. Just finished my Paul Sellers router plane this weekend. Love the videos

  102. Happy, very happy birthday Paul.
    I also wish you the very best for 2024 and I hope your hands are now perfectly ok.
    You mean a lot to me since years now and I can say I’ve learnt 90% of my woodworking skills with you.
    I recently decided to stop my engineer career in order to become a profesional woodworker and I can tell you that from my bench to my sawhorses or my pocket Stanley cutter knife, my workshop owes a lot to you too 😉
    You are with me every day in my activity !
    Keep on enjoying and sharing woodworking with us.
    Sincerely yours,

  103. Thanks to Joseph for the reminder. Definitely want to send best wishes for this 74th year. You are so blessed, and we are all blessed by you.

  104. Happy birthday, Paul,
    After taking a course with you in upstate New York many years ago, I want to let you know how it changed my woodworking. Learning to use hand, tools improved every aspect of my work, and also change the way I think, and in many ways my life as well thank you again, we’re close to the same age so I know what you’re going through. I am happy that I can still work and make the things that I see in my head. I owe a little bit of that to you, because of the hand skills that I learned from you allowing me to do things that I previously could not do.

  105. Happy Birthday, Paul.
    I enjoy your teaching videos and your writing.
    Thanks for being a rich source of tool info, with wisdom and patience.

  106. A belated Many Happy Returns young man. Hope your special day was a good one. Thank you for all you do in the community that is woodworking.

  107. Happy Birthday, Paul. Wishing you a wonderful year, continued recovery of your hands and happiness.

    Thanks for everything you do for the hand tool woodworking community. It’s changed many lives for the better, mine included!

  108. Happy Birthday Paul!
    And thanks for your sincere interest and continuous effort in sharing your knowledge with us all. I wish you many many more years of good health and activity, so you can continue this mission of yours.

  109. Happy birthday Paul! Another year has flashed by, and you continue to inspire me and many others.

    Best wishes for 2024.

  110. Happy birthday
    Keep up the exercises
    And the great work of teaching all who watch you new skills.

  111. Happy (belated) birthday, Paul!
    You have been such an important resource of knowledge and perspective since I started my journey as a woodworker a few years ago. I greatly appreciate all you have done and continue to do!

  112. Happy Birthday Paul, and congratulations on your recovery. My wife had the same surgery about six months ago and is only just back to normal, despite almost obsessive exercising!
    Thank you for all your wise instruction. You have transformed my woodworking!!

  113. Have a Very Happy Birthday Paul!! And a complete recovery from your surgery. Glad to here that you understand exercise is essential to full recovery and the alternative is your joints “rust up”.

  114. Happy Birthday Paul, good to hear that you are doing so well and your hands have recovered.
    Hope there are many more.

  115. Hello Paul, Happy birthday from Cecil County, Maryland! Thank you so much for all the wisdom you have shared with us all. Your style of teaching resonates with a large scope of people. Here is to many more!

  116. Happy Birthday, Paul!

    Here’s to 74 more! Glad to hear that the surgery went better than anticipated, but I have to admit, it’s for selfish reasons! I enjoy your videos and blog posts too much to want to see a talented man such as yourself being limited!

    ~Blessings to you sir!~

  117. Happy birthday Paul! Thank you for sharing so much with us, I would not be into woodworking if it wasn’t for you.

    All the best from Mexico,


  118. Happy Birthday Paul, And thanks for giving your time teaching us all your 50+years of woodworking knowledge!!

    Ypsilanti, mi

  119. Happy Birthday Paul,

    Geez, Christmas, New Years day and now a birthday. You are Blessed. Thanks for all you do.
    Just one old 71 year old woodworker. I do believe your in better shape.

    Enjoy your day and many more to come.

  120. Happy birthday Paul!
    Best wishes for a quick recovery!
    Keep inspiring your audience with your endless passion for creation!

    Greetings from Hellas!

  121. Happy birthday Paul! I wish you great health and much more happiness for this and many years upfront! Zdeněk!

  122. Happy birthday Paul and thanks for the many years of being able to watch and learn from your wonderful videos. Looking forward tom many more years too, stay safe and fit sir

  123. Happy birthday Paul and all the best to you, your team and your family.

    I am very happy to hear that your operation on your hands works out so fine for you.

    I am now 60 years old and i was born without any fingers on one of my hands. Nethertheless i could adopt and modified the methods for woodworking that you are teaching so well. I never personally visited a school for woodworking but i have designed and built some furnitures for my own flat, which i am happily using every day.

    I hope this will encourage other handicapped woodworking to believe in them selves and that they do not give up either.

    Many thanks for all your teaching, best whishes from

    Andrea Engel.

  124. Happy Birthday Paul, I truly enjoy your blogs. I am retired which means I get to spend most of my time in my shop. I envy a man who has had the opportunity to make a career out of his skills as you have. Best wishes for the future.

  125. Happy Birthday Paul!
    I have gained so much knowledge and improved my woodworking skills all because of you. Thank you for dedicating your time in providing all your followers with stellar information regarding woodworking with hand tools. Not only are you a renowned woodworker you are a superb teacher. Thank you for all that you do.

  126. Happy birthday Paul, and that thanks for all the lessons in hand-tool woodworking! Wishing you and your family all the best

  127. Dear Paul,
    Better late than never ! I wish you a happy birthday as well as a happy New year. May your hands be so effective for many years to come that they have been these last 55 (perhaps more, I may be wrong) years !

  128. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sellers! Keep waking up every morning inspired by your woodworking ideas, keep working with your hands (it’s good for the soul), and keep sharing your wonderful knowledge with those of us who are longing to pick up (and carry on) traditional woodworking skills! All the best to you – and thanks for everything!

    Mark R

  129. Happy birthday Paul, I have enjoyed and learned from your videos and musings. Thanks for everything you have done.

  130. Happy birthday my friend Paul. I wish you (and me) that your new hands will let you go on for another 30 years….
    Keep rocking my friend….

  131. Blessings on you Joseph, as well as yours and your Dad. I still think of you both every time I reach for those bronze, maple and forged tools you made for me back in Elm Mott, Texas years ago. Glad you are sharing many more years of hand tool woodworking with Paul and your own family.

  132. Happy birthday!

    I am glad to hear that your medical procedure has been a success. I also want to thank you for all you gave to the world with your work.

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