Can You Cope With Coping Saws?

To push or to pull? That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? Do you have coping saw questions? Oak, not Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but we have noticed a high number of searches surrounding coping […]

Lightweight or Heavyweight Bandsaw Part I

Owning more than one bandsaw is usually not an option for most woodworkers: they must decide one over all of the other options to make an economical choice in both costs and floorspace. In my bandsaw blog last week I tried to offer practical help for those in the market for buying one and to […]

I Bought A Saw

I didn’t need another saw but I had good reasons to buy it—this one at least. It looked lovely. It caught my eye by its proportion. More than that even, it looked like a working saw and I usually only buy working tools. I am coming to the end of my own buying of tools. […]

Happy New Year Everyone!

I sincerely hope we all enjoy the coming year and anticipate a changing way we look at the whole world we share.  This year I look to an unfolding future that will embrace an ever-widening audience who will build their projects alongside me. I have new ideas, new designs and new methods of building and […]

New Free Project For You

A weekend project If you have a weekend free then make this lovely tray. Perhaps you need an additional Christmas gift that will hone your skills at the same time. It has many obvious and not so obvious uses ranging from small tools tray to  pocket dump container or tea-for-two server. I use one for […]

Cognitive Feedback

Woodworking by hand is purely sensory. I read someone who said he bought chisels in and used them as his “beaters”. Shameful! Such careless statements sadden me because though I know what people mean and where they’re coming from, it’s a highly disrespectful way of referring to what was indeed a violent act. I’m not […]

Metal-cast Rarity Planes and Uniqueness

I’ve gathered some tools to my bosom over the years. Special ones in some cases, some simply beautiful in art form and then those that will never be made again. Some are more rare than good looking or even particularly old. I do like the rarer ones though. I’m not interested in collecting for collecting’s […]

George and the Puthering Dust

Some days were made longer by the repetitive elements in the projects. Joinery often comprises subassemblies of frames, be they the replication of same-sized frames or individually sized ones. The pile of frame stock on the pallet truck was six feet high four feet wide and the lengths varied from 18 feet long down to […]

When Someone Asks How Do You Hold a Plane…

…You Will Say Some say this way is correct. It’s the only way… …Then you will say but I have been taught that this is a better way… …and then this way, now this, and this, and this, and this, and this……. But when the wood takes me in a different mood I can adopt […]

George Said, “Stand and Watch!”

It was a few days after I started that George began working on some oak boards that came from Jack the foreman joiner to be “Cleaned up!”. I wasn’t exactly sure what cleaned up was so I asked George how we cleaned them up. George said we had to wash them, “You know, with soap […]