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Saw files–lasting qualities

[…] need sharpening regularly and of course if a saw file barely sharpens a single saw nowadays that makes DIY saw sharpening prohibitively expensive. I bought three of Nicholson’s files two weeks ago to make sure they were still consistently bad and nothing’s changed. They are still made in Mexico not the USA and quality […]

Saw files, saved edges and recycling files

[…] cross- and rip-cutting and you can follow the video here to see if that’s something that appeals to you. It has as you know saddened me that Nicholson files have lost the wonderful worldwide reputation for integrity it was once known for. I posted recently that I could not even sharpen one full hand […]

Nicholson Files and Home Depot blow it again

Saw files from Nicholson Files and The Home Depot I recently slated Nicholson and Home Depot for the low grade files Nicholson have now become as they transfer their file production to emerging or emerged nations for manufacture. Remember that although they did this to cut costs, the price stayed the same. I would […]

Nicholson saw files still no good

Nicholson edge fracture failure  I want to resurrect my article posted a few months back warning people NOT TO BUY Nicholson saw files from any sources such as The Home Depot or Lowes or any general hardware stores any more. At The Woodworking Shows show last week I had one Nicholson file left over […]

Saw files revisited – Bahco raises the bar

As you know I posted recently on Nicholson’s retrograde step in forsaking their US roots and reputation in pursuit of exploitation of cheaply produced files and in the process compromised their world-renowned quality. Their files are regularly produced bent and fractious, rendering the files useless for any aspects of work and especially saw filing […]

Questions Answered – Cross Cut and Ripcut Saws

[…] makers. If you prefer a ready-to-go saw consider starting with a Veritas or two new saws  I wish that we could return companies like Henry Disston and Nicholson Files to their native countries and domestic standards instead of feeling global supplies are good progress. It’s a terrible thing we are doing globally, destroying countries, […]

Nicholson Saw Files Proving Ever Faulty

On a more negative front I tried yet another Nicholson saw file with the worst results ever. By the time I had passed it 1” along the saw, and this is brand new and unused, the corners, all three of them, had fractured, rendering the saw file useless for any further cuts. This is […]

Grobet answers this saw filer’s quest

[…] because I have at least 20 saws to touch up before fall and winter classes begin in a couple of weeks. With the demise and failure of Nicholson to redeem themselves from now manufacturing such low grade saw files, I was glad to set up the saws and start filing, and file I did. […]

More Grobet info

I almost forgot, well, actually, I did forget. I meant to mention that I have used the Nicholson files for decades and then ran out of my stock of files. I usually buy files by the box and recently bought some new ones via Home Depot. Read here to see more on what followed. Anyway, […]

Recutting a 7 tpi Disston to a 14tpi

[…] etc. The teeth will look like this. Now it’s simply a case of cutting the new teeth by filing with a 6″ extra slim tapered saw file. Nicholson files work well for this but are not too readily available in the UK. Draper saw files work fine and I have used them here in […]