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Tools and Equipment

[…] an iron for a small wooden plane? Making a Curve-soled Plane – The Cutting Iron Moulding Planes How do I sharpen a moulding plane? Our video on sharpening moulding planes can be seen here. Can you show how to make a moulding plane? We can’t currently invest the time and resources required to cover […]

Sharpening Stones – Watch Out for the Bumps…

…Hollows, Blind Curves and Pits After the recent posts on sharpening, the first one really, I received comments and emails from people stating that the reason the stones were concave was because they were used for knife sharpening and not sharpening planes and chisels and such. That’s occasionally the case but the ones I […]

Diamonds Are Forever – Or At Least Here to Stay

[…] of abrasive we don’t need at the bench, but what we need to know is that about 95% percent of the abrasives we use in woodworking and sharpening is man made using naturally occurring materials mostly mined and then fired into the bricks we call whetstones or sharpening stones. Some of these stones work […]

Sharpening Is Mostly An Abrasive Issue

The title of this post seems almost a contradiction of terms. Sharpness and abrasion; how does that work? Sharpening most cutting tools and cutting blade edges is not particularly complex but it will take practice to establish patterns of guaranteed success for the freehand sharpening methods that make you expertly fast and effective. Oftentimes we […]

Questions on diamond sharpening methods, stones and plates

Question: Hi Paul, I bought your book recently, having never done woodworking before, and have very quickly gotten very confused about the act of sharpening. First of all, I figured that diamond stones would surely be pricier than oil or wet stones, but unless I’m looking in all the wrong places, they appear to […]


Quick Links: At which angle should I sharpen? How do you sharpen chisels for mortising? Which glass cleaner do you use? Which sharpening stones do you recommend? What is the best height for a sharpening surface? Hollow stones: do they need to be flat? I keep on sharpening out of square/skewing the edge. Can […]

Questions on sharpening stones

Dear Mr. Sellers I am about to work my way through your course, I want to start with sharpening. I recently discovered that my new chisels, although of good quality, needed to be lapped. I turned to my Norton water stones, only to discovered that they needed to be flattened. I then turned to […]

Sharpening Wits to Know What YOU Really Need.

In considering my thoughts on sharpening stones I should point out that this does not include sharpening plates because they do retain acceptable flatness tolerances throughout their life and cut steel well too. Sharpening stones of every other type on the other hand have the same inherent problems resulting through varied levels of wear. […]

Debunking Myths and Mysteries – Scary-sharp Methods

I was little surprised to see the article by Michael Forster entitled Scary Sharpening in the current issue of the woodworker. I know that many will not have heard the title perhaps, but it’s been around for about two decades to my knowledge. No one seems ever to give credit to any originator of […]

Questions Answered – When is Sharpening Enough or too Much

[…] am watching your hand plane videos and as you are planing the end grain you make the comment “make sure your plane is sharp”… “don’t neglect the sharpening of your plane”. You are not the first teacher I have heard say this and I think every woodworker understands that we need sharp tools but […]