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How do you apply shellac?

Here are a few videos we made on finishing projects with shellac.

Finishing small projects with shellac:

Finishing (larger projects) with shellac:

Finishing the wallclock with shellac

Finishing the dovetail box with shellac:

What brush do you recommend for applying shellac?

Paul uses a 1” hake brush which is widely available from craft shops:

How do you add colour to shellac?

There are various shades of shellac, from bleached blonde shellac which has had all natural colour removed, through to naturally red and brown shellac. Paul sometimes uses a leather dye (Fiebings) to add colour in a controlled fashion. Add a little at a time to the shellac and test it on a test piece of wood. Each subsequent coat will darken it. Just stop when you have the right colour or add more dye if not.

What do you do to prepare a project for finish?

We usually plane all surfaces, or if there is contrary grain that can not be planed, us a cabinet scraper/card scraper. We then use 120 and then 240 grit sandpaper to roughen the surface, before dusting. This is usually but not aways before glue up. Once the glue has set, remove any access, usually with a chisel. Then apply the finish in accordance to the instructions.

What is your process for painting projects?

Normal process:

What is milk paint?

Do you ever use chalk paint?