Making the Paul Sellers’ Walking Cane

Having just concluded the final woodworkingmasterclasses on building the joiner’s tool chest we are about to start the new walking cane series and I admit that though part of my purpose is to help people perhaps start a business or add additional projects to their existing range of products. I also want to counter some […]

YouTube on Spoon Making at the Bench – Real Woodworking

The recent blog I did on making spoons at the bench hybridising woodcraft with bench-craft is now watchable on YouTube. I enjoyed doing this video and the previous one on making spoons with the axe and knife. I still used an axe for some of the work but showed a variety of different techniques many […]

Spoon making – Laying out for the first cuts

You may or may not reach a point where you can free-hand a spoon shape straight from the tool. This is not difficult if you can, if you can’t, it can be extremely difficult. It makes little different to the spoon maker in his own home workshop. At shows it often becomes a place to […]

Make sure your goals remain firmly in focus

Spoons, spoon making and how we make them Spoons, wooden ones, can be mass-manufactured and made very cheaply once you have your design, the mechanism it takes to make them and the dynamic needed to set up the mini factory. Keeping your goals free from certain influences is critically important and especially so if family […]

Making the Tool Box

I catch myself sometimes trying to imagine a day without making and momentary panic hangs for a split second. Some men I know couldn’t wait to retire to “get off the tools” and sell them. One day perhaps I will indeed need to stop and put mine away but not for a decade or two […]

Why I posted on making the Paul Sellers’ dovetail template

Some time back I posted how to make my dovetail template because of all the ones I have made through the the years this was the one I felt to be the best. My reason for passing it on was of course to ensure its future in the tradition of would be craftsmen making their […]

Making a Curve-soled Plane – Here it Comes!

Everyone needs a curve-soled plane at some time It’s not often most woodworkers have need for a contoured seat or a hollowed bowl but if and when they do the reality of sculpting a smooth and prefect surface can present unquestionable doubt. The hollow defies flat planes, that’s obvious, and even compass planes curved in […]

Spoon making – Methods for shaping

Try to remember throughout the processes of how we can make spoons that we are interested in investigating areas of woodworking and the goal is not to become a spoon maker unless that’s the limited sphere you want to gain to operate in. Spoon making using these different methods, tools, techniques and so on give […]

My Week Making and Filming Traditional Sawhorses

I’ve been working for years now to preserve the many things I took for granted as a boy. it started with taking in apprentices in the late 80s, which I still do and then holding classes for kids in the evenings and weekend through the 90s and on into the new millennia. I also taught […]

Making decisions—Take control

There is no easy start I realise the difficulties of deciding a future when you are locked into systems according to culture. I’m not sure if people realise what a normal workday for me involves but I like to put in a good day’s work six days a week most of the time. I think it […]