In the Beginning, Exercise Restraints

I am always surprised how many people I meet have high expectations in their being able to achieve high standards when it comes to more manual types of work yet without ever really having been exposed too much to such labours. I suppose there’s a thinking that if you are intelligent there is an automatic […]

Singing Work!

The workshop rang with loud singing, singing full-voiced, deep. The men sang all day, old songs I learned along the way as we planed and sawed, quick wristed, smooth actions in time with the notes of songs. I tried singing low and I did, a bit, now and then, high, high, a break, then low, […]

Open House Update Soars!

After about two years of planning and building and then six months of internal construction and organising, the day came to open the doors to guests, visitors who love woodworking as much as we do. It can be quite a drain getting this point, builders never quite seem to match their presentation but you put […]

Stuff’s Happening

Two things off the top of my head. The Open House day is Saturday and that’s going well. Everyone here is excited to meet everyone coming and share their experience, show you around and explain things. I am going to give a presentation we will be filming to send round after the day, alongside a […]

Upgrading My Garage

Adding the upgrades to my workbench makes me feel more settled in; like I’m here to stay! When you get used to something being the way you intended and then it’s disrupted for a period you realise a bit how you spoiled yourself. But it’s even more than that really. After two years at my […]

Waterborne Finishes—Experience Them

One thing I’m learning about more modern ways is that we should reconsider how we actually consider things rather than just accept or dismiss them. I suppose I am asking myself, “What lens are you looking at this through, Paul?” In times past I have changed my drink from say coffee to an alternative hot […]

More Than a Blanket Chest

It’s been a struggle. Rough sawn boards of sycamore and maple, thick sections ripped for legs by hand and then shaped with spokeshaves with scarcely room in my workshop to move. The truth is, though, the result of working through difficulties and challenges thrilled me. The fact that I wasn’t looking for an easy path […]

My Blanket Chest

I’ve enjoyed it. It stands squat, firm and stout but looks elegant enough without being pretentious. The construction is robust and there are no biscuits, dowels or dominoes holding the whole together. Some things mark progress and some mark many other things. I enjoyed chopping every mortise, every plane and saw stroke and then rounding […]

A New Garage Workshop and a Clean Sweep

A Clean and Clear Working Environment My new workshop’s ready. I’m moving in this week so I hope you’re excited for me. I’m going to blog more on my experience and especially keep you up on the added nuances that have made my shop work through the years. In my workshop easy-sweep is important to […]