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Last On Traditional Saw Horses Series

My third and final blog in the series on building a traditional sawhorses My saw horses stack. The gussets can restrict this and though I have a 11” wide gussets to increase strength, this width can be substantially reduced even to as little as 6”. This is up to you but the saw horses will…

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On Thoroughbred Saw Horses

  On Then With the Thoroughbred Saw Horses Saw horses of this type depend on four-point contact with compound cuts to the foot and to the shoulders of the legs. It’s this that puts people off making the saw horse of  this type.  Placing the leg into the recess and elevating it onto a 9”…

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Saw Horses – Cutting List to Get wood

Making Traditional Saw Horses I suppose we take it for granted that plastic saw trestles now as saw horses are cheap enough to buy and replace so it’s not worth making them. In the USA you can buy two 2 x 4’s for about $6 and make a saw horse of substance that will last…

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Saw Horses – Traditional Thoroughbreds

Now that we have completed the spoon making we can look at saw horses and the traditions of a pair I have made since I was about 16 years old. The joints connecting the legs to the cross beam seems a complexity because the seating is of course compound, but the process is simple if…

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  • Paul M Clifford on Two OppositesOops! "from" not "form". Back to square 1.
  • Paul M Clifford on Two OppositesA very nicely presented perspective! It greatly reminded me of a synopsis which I learned form a course over twenty years ago about the steps in a learning process. The stages were…
  • Paul Sellers on Vlog 015 Up!Not sure what this refers to, Gerald?
  • Hayden Thurston on Two OppositesI did an introductory woodworking course as I love woodworking but was having continuous problems and unfortunately fell into the latter category. Everything I had gone there to le…
  • gerald anania on Vlog 015 Up!paul will you be giving us a schedule of location(s) and times if we want to see you.
  • Landon Vaughn on Two OppositesGreat read! Thanks for you wisdom and all you do!
  • Jeremie G. Doiron on Two OppositesBravo! I love these musings. As always, your generosity in sharing wisdom is a spacial gift to those listening.
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