Bevel-edged chisels or heavy mortise models?


I bought these mortise chisels on ebay for £6 each. Hard to imagine, but they are all Marples, virtually unused if used at all, and all top of the Marples-of-old mortising chisel line. Three of them are 5/8” and the other four  1/2”. Unbelievably good value and all with brass ferrules, leather washers, trapezoidal blades …

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Higher education is craft for all life for anyone


I see higher education come when people realise they are personally discovering the importance ‘calling’ has in pursuing life skills. This rite of passage may well be sparked in any realm you enter in pursuit of higher education and it best comes by taking the path less traveled rather than mindlessly following the majority. Vocational …

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Time for changing perspectives


Sometimes I do wonder why woodworking as a trade or profession is declining. I wonder whether it could ever return for people who like me knew there corner in their early teens. Some say it was easier for me then than those looking for a  way of work today, but few really understand the fight …

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Woodworking globally and locally


I find myself testing the truth of good tools at the bench and know some things get harder to find around the world. Finding good tools should get easier but for some small principalities it seems hard if not impossible. How it is in Malaysia or the Philippines I don’t know but all the more …

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Hands-on Workshops With Paul


The next hands-on nine-day workshop filled straightaway and the next one will begin June 19-27 2015. That’s a Friday start date with no days off throughout the nine days of class. I’ve taught this workshop since I first developed it in the 1990’s. I cannot tell you how many lives it’s changed and continuous to change. …

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On the keep-it-simple theme


Had I at fifteen been told to make my workbench I know it would have been intensely gratifying. I know too that I could have done it. But waiting a few years and allowing the process of work to change me did something to me. I matured, grew in knowledge and strength. The men had …

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Apprenticing simplicity – keep it simple


There is no doubt Sam has developed skills quickly over the 30 or so days he’s been here. This week he’ll finish making his first workbench and he has his top laminated up, planed, cut to length and ready to go on the completed leg frames. All the time he meets any and all issues …

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Keep sharpening simple


I’m still surprised to see how little it takes  to keep things sharp and uncomplicated. I have always fought against complication in everything I write about and work on and work with. One thing is very very clear to me. Sharpening has been made complicated  all the more by a mass of choices. The issue is …

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Questions Answered – Old #4’s or New


Question: My question is about a Stanley No. 4 plane I just bought on Ebay. I am not sure if I made the right buy. The seller didn’t know when it was from but was guessing 50’s or 60’s. I’ve bought It with what seems to be the original box and manual all of which …

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Pursuing freedom in my work


I’ve written my blog these past few years from a unique background lifetime woodworking. I’m more fortunate than most, I chose my future and stuck with it decades before the internet and blogs came to be. I’m glad because I lived the reality of earning my living from hand work. The methods I’ve used are …

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