Making a Fully Adjusting Wooden-Bodied Plane


This will be the first in the series over the next few blogs. Two planes sit side by side, one, a wooden-bodied, handmade individual, the other, cast from iron in lots of hundreds throughout any single day. On the one hand the old wooden plane required well seasoned and dried wood that lay dormant under …

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Do You Share Your Workspace?


It’s an interesting question most loners shrug off because they like their own space and being alone. Whether that’s completely true they may not actually know, they may just think that’s what they like. Living successfully in both camps there are some things everyone should consider. Over the decades I have had long expanses of …

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I Made Another Plane From Wood


I made a recording for a generation yet to be born ’bout making a plane by hand with no machine from wood and when I was done it felt right, the plane I made, in lightness on the wood, not baring down, not forcing but gliding so smoothly in my hand like the swan on …

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More Meaning Beyond Machining and Hand Work


Some of you expressed surprise in my using machines for long and extended days for manufacturing. That was a past life for me. One day I rebelled and said never again. I will never go back there. In the same way some lament lost family, lost countrymen and lost comrades, I lament the sense of …

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Thoughts on Peace and Safe Working Environs


Thanks for your response to the previous post It was refreshing to see the response to the blog post on Lifting Your Spirits, here and on Facebook too. I can see why people have such a mix of feelings and passions about issues regarding machines versus hand tools and so on. I’m certain it’s because many …

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Can a #3 Plane Compete With Its Wider Big Brothers


So, if you ever wondered about the #3 smoothing plane you’ll discover yet another Leonard Bailey wonder of plane making. Over the past few days, because we keep a couple for students with smaller hands and less upper shoulder muscle mass, I tried out the plane with the ten ‘musclemen’ in the class last week. I …

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