I’m Doing Okay!

Just an update.

My fourth day recovering and with an incident like this your mind returns to the moment trying to make sense of what happened. What stands out most is not the incident of aggression but the subsequent kindnesses of those stopping Samaritans coming to me in my hour of need to lift my spirits with love and kindness. Within minutes a blanket and pillow arrived to cover and cushion me. A friend was holding my hand to calm me and we even had a joke or two to lighten the impact. Did you know that there is a single word made up of two? That lovingkindness is all one word.

The NHS came through with super efficiency once again and took me into a busy A&E. Not one but two doctors examined me within minutes, took care of my pain and had me in a CT scanner to check my internal organs and then tell me of the three broken ribs––thankfully, no internal bleeding.

The pain is fairly steadily with me simply because I am breathing––but I definitely know which I prefer! Any cough brings the very worst level of pain when combined with broken ribs. Thankfully, I don’t have a cough or cold. I do have intermittent spasms of pain causing quick and uncontrolled intakes of breath but I get through them, recover and they are lessening.

It has been remarkable to hear from you all. Your prayers and good wishes have buoyed me from every corner of the world. Many, many thousands of them. My right side may not manage the tools for a few days and possibly weeks but the doctors see no reason for any permanent physical or mental damage and neither do I.

Yes, it’s definitely a great inconvenience to both my work and my day to day life, but the workbench will stay exactly the same as it is with nothing there that will spoil. This may sound gloomy but I assure you it is not. Few men get to the age of 74 and can say what an amazing and fulfilled life they have already lived. If I had to stop working today I could say my reward is a fulfilled life. But we are not there. I have worked each day since the incident on a very limited but enjoyable scale catching up with sketching different studies I want to complete on working hands. It’s an ongoing project. And this year I started to sketch details of particular tree types and began with the Horse Chestnut tree.

My family always amazes me with the unique and special love family always has. Soon I will be well again. I’m a patient man because I was trained to that end. Woodworking, as with all hand crafts, demands that we live and work within the parameters of our human limitations. I simply apply the same self-rule to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of any kind. So thos is my thank you to everyone. I feel loved and cared for!


  1. So sorry to hear of your accident
    Paul. They say rest is the best healer
    too us all. Hopefully yours wont be long one. best wishes and love.

    1. Paul: I admire your attitude which I am sure will benefit your recovery in many ways. All the very best!

    2. Sorry to hear about your attack Paul. I wish you a speedy recovery both physically and in any other way this may affect you. Please try not to let this mindless act get into your head for longer than is needed for you to make a full recovery. I do hope that they find this despicable perpetrator. You have been so generous and kind over the years to all of your fans both in woodworking and your musings on life that such a terrible mindless thing should never have happened to such a sincere person as yourself. Romford Ron.

    3. Very sorry to hear from your accident. Nice to read that you are recovering and to read how you accept and interpret such an incident. The way you are coping with it is sn example for us all. Nice dog also, wonderful companiens🐾👍

    4. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been injured! I slipped on ice 7 or so years ago and broke 3 ribs also. Its an annoying thing isn’t it! Nothing the Doctors can do to alleviate it, its just one of life’s opportunities to remind us to take things a bit slower and appreciate the loves in our lives. I’m certainly glad you were in capable, loving hands while you received your care. Going from a peaceful atmosphere to that of an emergency room is a bit jarring at first. At any rate, I am glad you are on the mend. You inspire so many of us, even your news of a set back is filled with lovely art and kind words. You make the world a better place, as you set an example of kindness and empathy that we all can strive to attain.
      Heal well,

    5. So glad to get this update and hear your are on the mend. We’ve been praying for you everyday at meals and unfortuantely there is no “unsubscribe” from our list. Lovingkindness is an absolutely wonderful way to describe how relationships even between strangers, can flourish.

    6. All of my prayers are with your recovery. Rest and recover. So we will see you soon again at your work bench.

  2. Dear Paul,

    I have never written to you before but perhaps now is the best time to do that.
    Your guidence and and teachings over the years have meant a great deal to me. Maybe more than woodworking though, it is your spirit that has affected me most. Your patience, your kindness and the lens through which you take in the world have seeped into me and made me better as a person.
    I was appalled to hear of your attack. Why anyone would do that I cannot begin to understand.
    I hope you continue to heal and come back to us very soon.
    Shairen Sanec

      1. Paul, you are an inspiration to all I admire your outlook at life, get well my friend . From across the pond I wish you well

  3. I’m really happy for reading this, Paul. I’m sure that you will get over this, very soon and strong like the oak-man you are! Best wishes from South Spain and cheer up!

  4. So great to hear, Paul! The previous post’s still life photo of your work bench is beautiful, but it’s hard to accept. It’s an unresolvable oxymoron to imagine the words “Paul Sellers” and “still” in the same sentence. ;-). Prayers for peace, strength and healing from your friends in Texas!

  5. To the community: Please, please, please refrain from posting jokes that would make Paul laugh. When I was kid and had my appendix out, I had the happy misfortune of sharing a hospital room with an absolute jokester. Peace and heal well, sir!

  6. So sorry to read of this awful news.
    Get well Paul.

    PS Last year my wife also broke 3 ribs in a fall. I was building a permanent L shaped bench seat on our back deck. Linda thought I’d need more timber and drove up to our shed to collect some. I had thought I might require some, so already put a few long boards just inside the door. She didn’t see them and climbed up where I’d stacked the rest and missed a rung on her way down. It was almost a comedy except for the pain and how close I came to losing her. I feel for Paul knowing that Linda is probably at least 20 years Paul’s junior and her experience was not a walk in the park. We wish Paul well. He makes a difference. He has to me. And I know that I am not alone.

  7. So sorry to hear of this incident Paul. You seem a strong person, in both mind and body, so I hope you will recover well and speedily. Like to so many others, you’ve been a source of inspiration to me in recent years. You deserve better. And I’m sure it will come.

  8. Life is mostly froth and bubble,
    Two things stand like stone,
    Kindness in another’s trouble,
    Courage in your own.
    -Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833-1870)

  9. I was so very sorry to hear of your injuries and how you recieved them. Rest and recover now. You have a world filled with well wishers who care deeply about you and all of your recovery.
    We are a patient bunch so don’t jump the recovery que, your return to the bench healthy is our gift to receive. We are blessed to receive your teachings.

  10. Dear Mr Sellers,

    I have only recently delved into your online world, but already it has been a very enriching experience. You are a great educator, which is one of the most wonderful things a person can give to the world. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

  11. I believe your character is helping you heal, as well as your family, medical support, overall health etc. You’re a resolute man, with the most positive attitude and respect for all things in life. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery – and not too many laughs!

  12. Speedy recovery Paul . I wish I knew what is wrong with people these days , there is a level of aggression that knows no bounds….as a firefighter of 3 decades , my level of PTSD is further brought out by aggression I see in my community and at times I really don’t even want to drive , as people driving in insane fashion brings out the PTSD , as you can imagine the things I have seen and dealt with working on a paramedic engine on a major US highway . Sad that looking at someone wrong can bring about harm and worse, basically, people are flipping nuts these days . I do not know the circumstance of your assault but I can guess it was nothing you did. I gave up riding my motorcycle and bicycles at age 54 when I became a father for the first time. As a society we are heading back into the dark ages sadly .

  13. Dear Paul,
    You are one of the main reasons I’m working on hand cut dovetails and making good boxes. You inspired me to get out and find a woodworking community. I’ve been learning from your videos and from my Guild and I spent hours yesterday hand planing parts for a community build project-because of you!
    I’m so very sorry that you were touched by violence but I’m also so very glad that you are you-and maintaining that spirit. Thank you for all you have done for so many-passing on your knowledge, skills, and your calm and reasoned approach to woodworking and life.

  14. Its sad to hear about your incident.
    Its bothering that decent honest people, that has always worked hard for everything they have, gets attacked by criminals like this. Hope they get their punishment.
    This happens to often all over the world, and its sad that one can not feel safe in our homes.
    Really wish you the best possible recovery.
    From Norway

  15. Dear Paul,
    I am very happy to receive good news directly from you.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and I send you a hug (a gentle one 🙂 )

  16. Paul, you’ve lifted my spirits with this post. I was a bit worried about how you would fare but after reading your latest I realized that you are well on your way to a full recovery. Stay well!

  17. Paul, I’m so happy you are safe and healing. How could anyone assault our beloved Paul Sellers? Continue to rest and heal, knowing there are thousands of people rooting for you.

  18. Hang in there Paul, you’re a tough guy in good hands. you’re also a tough guy _with_ good hands!

  19. So sorry to hear about what has happened Paul sending healing prayers for a speedy recovery 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  20. Hello Paul,
    So sorry to hear about this. I am an active cyclist too and the level of aggression I see on the roads these days is appalling, mindless belligerence. It’s not going to stop me riding though – we are quite firmly in the right..

  21. Good to hear you are in good hands and no further injuries but the broken ribs.
    Take care not to catch a cold. Sneezing and coughing are a torture in such a case. Indeed , even breathing is already a burden. You will feel better in a few weeks for sure. Take it easy.
    Wish you all the best.

  22. Paul, as you know it’s an interesting world, and not always a good one.
    However, your inner strength I expect, will prevail, so rest up and we’ll see you back on air soon mate!
    BTW it’s good to see the many woodworkers around the world who give credit to you and your methods! Thanks Paul and wishing you a speedy recovery!

  23. Dear Sir, as I just read of your terrible incident, by the time I had digested the many, many comments, I was smiling at the thought that you were probably already gently filling sketch books!
    Inspirational to a T.
    Wishing well, my mentor.

  24. Paul,

    I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you. You are an amazing man, and I pray God’s healing and comfort for you.

  25. It is good to hear you are on the mend and finding things to keep you busy. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  26. Dear Mr Sellers,
    So sorry to hear about the incident, I have learned so much from your videos, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

  27. Wishing you a steady and speedily recovery, Paul! Hopefully, the perpetrator is caught. That way, the person might just learn who you are and what you stand for, and that could be the eye-opener and motivation that poor human being needs to change his/her ways. I pray for justice and for change for the person. You are in a desperate state when you attack an elderly man on a bike.

  28. Estimado Paul espero tengas una breve recuperacion fisica , como decis comienza con la autocuracion y conviccion personal del tu estado fisico y metal pero ante todo el animo sostenido por la bondad y cariño de las personas.
    un abrazo y que te mejores.

  29. Sorry to hear of your troubles – hope you will recover well. I broke two ribs last year and I remember how horrible it was to feel a cough or a sneeze coming… and you don’t even get a nice plaster cast for your friends to sign. Not even a sticking plaster! So you have all my sympathy.

  30. Hi Paul,

    Me again. Encase you missed my post amongst the thousands. Have you a soft pillow that you can wrap and hug around the rib section.Wjen you are going to cough or sneeze, move even, hug the pillow and pull towards you slightly. This will help ease the pain. Try not to move around too much as doing so can easily upset the bone healing process.

    I was so concerned to hear of this ordeal I’m 70 not much younger than you. I. also a retired Hospital General Trained Nurse, Sydney Hospital graduate here in Sydney Australia in 1977. Worked in a lot of different fields, broken ribs can be the most painful, difficult to repair and easily dislodged.

    Please, take it easy, it will be a slow process up to 3 months depending on circumstances and how often you cause the healing process to start all over again. It is very frustrating not being able to do much.

    Wishing you all the best and don’t be a martyr with pain killers. They work best when pain first starts, not when it has taken a complete hold on you.

    Best Regards,


  31. Glad to hear you’re recovering it will take some time I’m sure.
    I’ve had the same type of injury and you just have to wait for the bones to heal.
    What really bothers me about this is how it happened. I always try and be vigilant about my surroundings and I try to be ready for anything people might do. But even a man with your experience was caught by surprise.
    This person must live in a world where this is normal and acceptable behavior.
    That’s a pretty miserable existence.

  32. Dear Paul,
    All the very best for a speedy and full recovery!
    It’s often hard to make sense of these events….but as you say, they can also reaffirm our faith in the kindness of strangers.

  33. Wishing you a speedy recovery Paul! Ive spent many hours watching your vids and have implemented a great deal of your teaching (or at least try to!). I wanted to suggest a constructive criticism with your drawing.. You should always leave a margin around your drawing.. 1/4 to 1/8 masking tape will help control your pages movement and give you a clean border.. try it once and I promise youll do it forever!

  34. I’m saddened to hear that someone should attack you like this. I’m praying for a full recovery both physical and for the other effects of your trauma. I hope the police trace the person involved who also needs help. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to your vocation which is a huge encouragement to those learning woodwork.

  35. Hi Paul. Good to see you’re making progress and staying positive. Best wishes for a good and quick recovery.
    You hit the nail on the head when you talked about patience; it seems to me that patience is the first essential tool for the hand craftsman.
    Great looking dog, by the way. There are few joys in the world that can match the unconditional love and loyalty of dogs in my experience.
    Take care mate.

  36. Paul….what can we all say but we Love you and your dedication to woodworking inspires us all to continue to strive for excellence in woodworking for ourselves. It is not your woodworking that we love to hear about so much but your inspiration to kindness to live life to it fullness. To be better at kindness, loving our fellow people and consideration to all people. The news on our social media reports of negativity in this world and our Paul are all is the opposite….. positivity. Get well soon my Brother in Christ. We , the world of woodworkers, are praying for you.

  37. Bonjour Paul,
    Vous récoltez ce que vous avez semé. Beaucoup d’affection du monde entier. J’en suis très heureux pour vous. Dans vos dessins, on peut voir votre force vitale intacte. Je regarde vos vidéos depuis longtemps, votre générosité, votre patience à rendre compréhensible vos gestes guidés par l’esprit vous ont installé dans ma vie. Mon père était ébéniste, je suis photographe. Je retrouve à travers vous la mème chaleur humaine que celle ressentie auprès de lui, j’avais 8 ans, lorsque sur l’établi il m’apprenait à scier, tenir un marteau ou raboter… Je vous vois sortir grandi de cette épreuve difficile. Je vous souhaite le meilleur, pour vous et les vôtres.

    1. Merci beaucoup de m’avoir mis en relation avec votre père. Je prends cela comme un compliment. Aujourd’hui, je me sens tellement mieux. Le gonflement est considérablement moindre et je me sens de bonne humeur. Il me faudra quelques jours pour retrouver ce que j’avais mais je suis heureux de dessiner et d’écrire mais aussi de prendre le nouveau repos nécessaire à la restauration et à la récupération.

  38. Paul,

    So great to hear you’re in good spirits and being taken care of. You’re an inspiration to us all, please get some rest!

    All the best wishes from Massachusetts

  39. I’m glad to hear you had so many people help you and that your spirits are high. Praying for your speedy recovery!

  40. Glad to hear you’re doing good. We will all be here when you are ready to return. Take care.

    1. Admirado Paul causa mucha alegría saber que se está recuperando de buena manera y que las cosas apesar de la tragedia am marchado bien rodeado de todas esas personas que han demostrado gratitud incondicional desde el momento del hallazgo que bueno saber que aun hay maestro para rato; se admira un caluroso saludo de bienestar desde el otro lado del oceano.

  41. good to read “You’re full of beans”…(wink emoji here)
    wishing you never-ending ‘high spirits’

  42. Hi Paul so glad to hear your doing ok, thank you again for what you do and have done for so many. It was heartbreaking to hear what had happen, and also that good people came to your aid. take care and looking forward to your future videos. ps I recieved my second router plane kit and looking forward to making another

  43. Your spirit and grace have always shown through as you’ve taught me via your videos. I’ve only been at this hand-tool woodworking for a couple months, but your calm presence has been very reassuring. I was horrified to hear about the assault but very encouraged by this blog post. Take your time and rest up. We’ll be here when you return. Take care.

  44. Mr Seller’s,

    I am shocked and saddened that another human being can be so mean. I do hope your police can apprehend the person that caused your accident.

    heal soon and be well.

    I do read all your items and you remind me of my grandfather when he would putter with woodworking tools when we would visit when we would visit long ago. when I pick up those tools reminds me of grandpa.

    get well soon.

  45. “Paul – It’s so good to read that you’re continuing to recover. You have been in my prayers. Like you, I have experienced the pain resulting from dealing with broken ribs (in my case during cardiac surgery) – so you have my sympathies. I can attest that recovery will take time, so don’t rush it! May God bless you and bring you back to full health and activity.

  46. As comments come in from the many, many loyal fans and followers of you and your contributions to woodworking, I see this latest blog includes a picture of what I would consider one of man’s most loyal friends sitting beside you. I am guessing that this is a breed known here in Nova Scotia as a “Yarmouth duck tolling retriever”, breed by an individual by the name of Avery Nickerson in Yarmouth, N.S. Having had English Springer Spaniels, I know that animals can be your closet companion in times like this. I wish you all the best in your recovery back to health.

  47. Dear Paul!
    I am so glad hearing from you…you are on the way to recovery and that your spirit is high. Looking forward watching you continue what you stopped on your working bench.. take care and be safe

  48. I hope you recover quickly, such a shock. Your positive attitude is an example, and im sure will speed your recovery, and get you back to the bench. God bless.

  49. Glad to hear that you are in the process of recovering. You have been an inspiration for so many. Praying you will fully heal and be back in the shop soon.
    Delvan Hendrix
    Hallsville Texas

  50. As one who has suffered three broken ribs (from CPR when I went into Cardiac Arrest back in 2022), I feel your pain! Coughing and laughing can bring stars in your eyes! But, considering the alternative, I was thankful for the broken ribs! Anyway, I am praying for you and your family and caregivers. Can’t wait to see more beautiful pieces from you very soon!

  51. A wise man said “Life’s like wood, it comes with knots.”
    It’s a great relief to hear from you directly, very reassuring to the world community that you created. Take your time convalescing we’re all still here enjoying the lessons you’ve shared and the creativity you’ve inspired. We all look forward to learning more once you’ve fully recovered.
    Thank you so much!

  52. Great news Paul. Glad you’re on the mend. Don’t try to level any bench tops for a while. Relax and get well. Jim k.

  53. Thank you for all you do Paul.
    You’re teaching is of great value, but your character as a man is a great inspiration.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover.

  54. Thanks for the update Paul. Whether providing training on wonderful woodworking projects or recovering from injury (ranging from hand surgery to assault) your reports and guidance are always so welcome and inspiring to me. I’m very grateful and wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

  55. Paul
    It was sad to hear of your attack. However, it lifts my spirits to hear how you focus on the helpfulness of those who stopped to minister to your needs, the health service and your family and coworkers.
    That kind of spirit is what has drawn me to you through the years. I enjoy learning from you not only woodworking but also being a kind and gentle person. Blessings on you and a quick recovery

  56. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, Mr. Sellers. We both grew up in Cheshire and both lived and worked in Texas — albeit you are my senior and my wife is a native of the Lonestar State. As a hobby during retirement in the Carribean, I am adopting much of what you teach. I wish I had had the privilege of attending your Texas workshops when I lived so close. As a former career prosecutor, I also wish you justice in the outcome of your despicable attack.

    1. Paul, so sorry to hear of your most unfortunate experience, your mind is strong and positive and that will get you back to the bench in no time, take care cheers Nick Smallwood.

  57. Paul and family,

    I pray that you Paul are healing well. To your wonderful family I pray that all of you are doing well also.

    Paul, I had been really planning on doing a compass Rose inlay project for my 81 year old father. Since January I have been watching your videos so much. So, thank you for sharing your knowledge!!
    This thing that has happened to you has caused me to sit a firm date on completing the job. 5/31/24 is his birthday. I hope I do something approaching good, and give it to him. As a dad he will love it!
    Continue to heal. Love on your family. Be with your bride. Those are the really important things in life.

  58. Best wishes! I don’t have more to add that haven’t already been said, I just want to add my voice to the choir of friends from near and far who wish you a speedy recovery!

  59. I think your amazing. I’ve broken ribs before and it’s very un fun. I wish you a speedy recovery and justice for your attackers.

  60. My Father used to say that a good man is like bad whiskey – hard to keep down. With your spirit and attitude, you’ll be back in the shop in no time. Smile when you can, and enjoy your good moments. We’ll be thinking of you as you heal.

  61. Paul,

    I am happy to read of your positive attitude and the competence of your NIH. I was concerned that you would spend time on a gurney in the hospital aisle in a holding pattern.

    I also hope that your attacker(s) are brought to justice, even if they are of a “protected class”. As a gentleman of 77 next month, I take issue with the swine preying on people of my age. Here in New Hampshire, USA, we are a Constitutional Carry state and picking on us old farts is not a smart move.

    Looking forward to your return…when you are ready!

    1. As it is with all health care provision, there will be points of high demand squeezing us through the chutes in times of need. I have lived on both continents and for 23 years living in the USA never had need of a doctor or hospital. My personal health care (here in the UK over the past 15 years since my return) via the NHS as I have grown into old age has been impeccable. This incident was so remarkable that the team leader from the ambulance emergency crew left his office and brought it with him to my roadside emergency. There was no neglect of his duty to others, and gave me respite from the pain. The hospital treatment was amazing. Thank you NHS.

  62. Wishing you well Paul. I learned so much from you through the years.

    We need to vote in tough on crime politicians and prosecutors. I think you live in England. I live in the USA and criminals are set free in liberal city’s without bail to commit crimes over and over again.

    The old saying is a liberal is a liberal until he’s mugged.

    God Bless
    Best Regards
    James Mack

  63. Very sorry to hear about this and am praying for a full and complete recovery! I have learned so much from your videos and very thankful for the time you have spent do the recordings for all of us!

  64. So many others have said what I would say so I will not repeat them. You are an international treasure. Hope you continue to have a speedy recovery and best wishes from Washington State in the U.S.

  65. Had to reply. You have influenced my woodworking a great deal, and I appreciate what you provide. I was very sorry to hear about your attack and am happy to hear you are recovering nicely. Just when I thing there is little to redeem us as people, I hear about the amazing things people do. Glad you are resting, I hope you take the time to heal fully. I look forward to seeing you again.

    All the best!

  66. Glad you are doing better and we hope for a speedy recovery. I love your drawings on the blog and glad you are still able to do them

  67. Thank you for updating us and prayers for a continued and complete recovery from a fan in Tennessee. I enjoy seeing your drawings as much as your master craftsmanship woodworking projects. God Bless. Cheers, Barry.

  68. Get well soon, Paul, you are much needed ! Having had a cycling accident recently (and having to have a 12 year old replacement hip replaced) I can vouch for our marvelous NHS. You are in the best hands ! May justice prevail and the thug gets his just desserts.

  69. Your words, as ever, inspire me to persevere through tough times. You are a hero to me, thank you for sharing yourself. I am currently on my third session of woodturning, and making a bobbin for my spinning wheel

  70. Dear friend
    Just want to say hello and pray for your healing Paul! I just turned 74 last month. Your ability to accept life as it is, just makes it so much easier doesn’t it? We look forward to seeing you at your bench again. Easy does it. Your friend from Brunswick,Ohio USA. Bob

  71. Good job. No point in making a drama out of a crisis, as they say. I hope they get the b*gger! Get well quick, we all still have a great deal to learn from you, and it’s so clear that you just love teaching us!

  72. It saddens me to learn of this unnecessary trial for you. I am also saddened that society, in part, has reached a point where someone would do these things- especially to a 74 year old man. With that said, I will be praying for you. Your videos, when I was down, were one of the few things that lifted me. I chuckled every time I heard you say “oops”. The soft spoken Paul never seemed to get angry and you never were combative in anything you showed us. True artisans are becoming a thing of the past. Your legacy and life experiences in the trade will never be replicated in today’s world. Many will learn some skills, but none will likely have the personal experiences to teach from, like you do. I know that you will rebound and at our age the process generally takes longer. I had heart surgery and they opened me up and wired me back together. The hospital sent a heart shaped pillow made of firm foam that I was to hold against my chest if I knew I was going to sneeze or cough. It helped if i could get to it fast enough. It’s not fun, but doable. You have a world of friends, not only because of your wood working skills, but because you are who you are. Get well my friend.

  73. Hi Paul,
    I hope for you a recovery at the pace you wish. I also would like to add, that I appreciate your candor about the NHS. We here in the States always hear about how things with an NHS system are slow, inefficient, archaic, and careless. Your reporting about your adventures at the British NHS during the last year has set my mind straight on how things work elsewhere, without the spin from the media. Thank you for your honest perspective. This was not meant to be any kind of political statement, just my true more informed feelings.
    Godspeed on your recovery.

  74. Your patience and gratitude in response to such a terrible attack demonstrates such tremendous character. I’m looking forward to your recovery, I have no doubt that same character will earn it. Sincere well wishes from a long time follower from the US.

  75. My very best wishes, Paul, and my gratitude for your positive disposition in dealing with your ordeal. You are an inspiration, both in craft and in outlook. We are better for it. Be well, and I look forward to your continued instructional and inspirational videos.

  76. Paul,

    Sorry to here of you being accosted. Hope you feel better soon.
    I broken 4 ribs once. I feel your pain. I slept in a recliner for weeks. Laying down and getting up was too much.


  77. Good to hear you are feeling a bit better. Out of this is the observation that there are a lot of good people in this troubled world. Take care, do what the Doctors say, any therapy work it. It will be good to see back at the bench teaching us the art of woodworking.

    1. So pleased to hear you are recovering well Paul. Your ability to see the positive side of any situation is an inspiration.

  78. I wish for a swift recovery Paul. You have taught me woodworking from 2017, when I started on this path. Now I am a pensioneer and work in my workshop some hours almost every day. Thank you for your good and clear instructions.

  79. Best of luck to you in your recovery Paul. I hope the catch whoever did this to you and that you’re out of the hospital without delay.

  80. Wishing you all the best for your recovery, Paul. Your attitude in this challenging situation is as inspirational as your attitude toward woodworking. And keep sketching — I love to see them.

  81. I’ll add to the chorus, wishing you all the best Paul, glad you seem to be taking it in your stride, and are able to pivot to another creative outlet so you don’t have to pine for the main one. All the best 👍👍

  82. Пол ! Най-лошото за един ученик е да чуе, че любимият ми учител е пострадал ! Ако можем да Ви бъдем някак полезни не се притеснявайте и го споделете. С радост ще направим всичко, което е по силите ни за да се върнете час по-скоро при нас !
    Желая Ви бързо възстановяване и крепко здраве !
    Поздрави от България

  83. Hi Paul – I hope you’re feeling better day by day. You’ve had a tremendous positive impact on my life, and I’m guessing many others’ lives as well and I’m grateful for all you’ve shared.

  84. Hello from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Glad your going to be ok, but I’m sorry it happened to you. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

  85. Glad to hear you’re doing okay. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Paul.
    Springfield,OH, USA

  86. Hello, Mr. Sellers;
    I’m oddly pleased to hear from you & that you are as well as can be expected in your situation.
    Some how I feel you are rare and valuable resource of humanity that we should all cherish and protect.
    Perhaps because there are so few people like you in our world today.
    I thank you for all that I have learned from you.
    I think the knowledge you share is worth more than gold.
    I wish you well and the best for you and yours’, sir.

  87. Good to hear that you’re in good spirits. Sounds like a terrible incident! I’ve learned much from you over the years, and wanted to say thank you. Good luck on your speedy recovery.

  88. Hi Paul,

    You’re one of the major reasons I got into woodworking, and you’ve been an inspiration ever since. Wishing a speedy recovery!

  89. All the best from Australia mate. Recently started woodworking and love hearing your accent and watching an artisan at work. Spent some time reading blogs on this site too.

    Sorry to hear what happened. Some people can be such grubs. I hope one day that person finds an outlet and see the error in their ways. maybe they’ll find woodworking!


  90. Good to hear you are in a process of healing Paul. I’ve been learning from you since I met you in North Wales and I’ve so appreciated it. I hope you will also get back on your bike in due course. I wish the roads were safer but it is a fine way to travel.

  91. We were shocked, horrified and saddened to hear what happened.
    Wishing you a speedy full recovery. Enormous gratitude for the great teaching you freely give to us , blessings.

  92. Sure if you could, you’d have your spokeshave out and fashioned yourself 3 new ribs!

    Get well, Paul!

  93. This is dreadful news, of course, and, like everyone else, I hope Paul makes a good recovery, as quickly as possible.
    Let’s hope the police take this matter as seriously as if it were a ‘hate crime’.

  94. I’m so encouraged by your spirit and continued improvement. I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve contributed to my knowledge and joy of woodworking over the past few years and now you are showing me how to deal with adversity away from the bench. I wish for you a quick recovery.

  95. I wish to ad my prayers for a speedy recovery. Your woodworking and positive attitude are an encouragement to me.

  96. Sorry to hear about your incident and am glad to hear your are on the mend without any long-term problems.
    It is so good to hear such an upbeat message considering the ordeal you have suffered. I’m not sure I’d have been quite so cool under the circumstances.

  97. Broken ribs are when we discover just how many muscles are connected to them either directly or indirectly. Thankfully no apparent concussion effects from your description. Hoping for you a full recovery and also for the person who did this to you so that they may be made a whole person and no longer visit carnage on others.

  98. May you make a full recovery! We all treasure your wood artistry and your mastery of the peacefulness of woodworking. The world is a much better place because of you.

  99. Dear Paul — So sorry to hear. Our high hopes for a speedy and complete recovery. Our best to you and your family.

  100. Crikey Paul. I have only just seen this. I hope that you are on the mend. We once shook hands in Abingdon at the wood recycle! Best wishes from Wallingford.


  101. Paul feel better-I know what this kind of treatment is like, I am angry but am holding it back in the hope of sending you good cheer, comfort and a gentle nudge to a smooth road for a good and happy recovery.


  102. You exude peace; it’s such an encouragement. There’s someone who works all things to the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. May you continue to enjoy his ‘hesed’ /lovingkindness.

  103. Rest and get well! I am trying not to wish ill of the aggressor. I hope for the time we are all free of our pain, fears, and suffering.

  104. Wishing you a speedy recovery Paul. I’ve always enjoyed watching your videos and looking forward to seeing many more. North Carolina, USA

    1. Greg, and everyone else wishing me well too, I am feeling tons better now that the first week has passed. Breathing was the big thing at first as the swelling on the outside where I was struck with a two-handed blow from behind sort of compresses the ribs between any deep intake of air that so puts pressure on the broken ribs that need the time for healing. Thanks to you all for your support and prayers. I have felt buoyed up from the first seconds of the incident.

  105. Dear Paul,
    I’m very happy to hear that many people have come to your aid following this terrible incident and even more people have wished you well. I also wish you the very best for rapid recovery and return to your workbench.

  106. Concur with the others, here’s to a speedy recovery. Put that physical therapist to work!

  107. Thanks for your health update Paul. I am happy to know you are healing and that you will be back at your workbench in due time.
    To your continued good health.

  108. As an emergency physician I see these appalling acts all too often. What brings me hope is that goodness always prevails over evil. You were so gracious in elaborating on the help, kindness and thoughtful care you received in the moments and days following this incident. You are a good man and certainly don’t deserve any of this.
    I have never written to you but must let you know you sparked an interest to reinvigorate my woodworking at a time while I was recovering from an injury and happened upon your YouTube’s. I have been following you now for over 8 years and plan to retire with a new direction and purpose.
    I would tell you of the inspiration you have given me and note it is pale in comparison to the vast lives you have touched. Keep up the good work!
    P.S. Deep breathing exercises are vital to avoid a pneumonia, yes it hurts but not as much as coughing constantly with a pneumonia.

  109. I think it’s all been said already, just adding my voice. Much love and gratitude for all you’ve taught me.

  110. Horse-chestnut tree…………Seiyo-tochi-no-ki (in our language).
    Your tough and brave REPORT reminds of me that majestically tall and beautiful tree shape.

  111. Paul: So very sorry to hear of this but thankful to hear of all the great support you have received and are receiving. All the best in your recovery time. -Tom Snowdon, New Brunswick, Canada.

  112. Great to hear your recovering. I’ve broken a rib myself and it is a very painful injury when coughing, sleeping etc however if its any conciliation is will after a few weeks heal very quickly. Literally once the pain lessens it very quickly goes completely. All the best

  113. I missed the news of this incident Paul, due to having a baby (really, my wife did most of the work!), also in the fine care of the NHS, it’s good to hear you are recovering well. All the best, Rico.

  114. Incidents like this always leave me with the question of “why?”. What is the point in something like this? What is there to gain other than some momentary rush of feeling superior in some sort of sad and pitiful way? I know these are foolish questions, but I am always truly amazed (and saddened) that anyone would ever perform a pointless violent act of any sort or even an act of senseless vandalism.

    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!


  115. Hope you get well soon! Terrible that incidents like this happen. Wishing you the very best.

  116. While it was another unfortunate example of unkindness in our world,
    You immediately turned it around by looking for and finding all the kindness in people’s response.
    Looking for good is where your mind always seems to go first.
    You are a teacher that the world needs.

    Hope to see you well and back to the bench & garden soon.

    Be well, take care, see you soon.

  117. What a handsome dog you have! Dogs are such great company, though our two Brittanie’s get bored in my workshop.

    Do ease your way back into things.

    Harvey Green
    Van Hornesville, NY

  118. Hi Paul, best wishes for your recovery.
    It is only now that I read you were in trouble. Luckily you endured and stayed alive.
    Take your time to recover fully. Certainly on your age, it takes more time than you would like. All the best!

  119. What a wonderful outlook on life you have. I wish you a speedy recovery and are back doing what you obviously love. Eric from Australia

  120. Healing and positivity go hand in hand as do the lifting of spirits by others. Great to hear that the grey matter is still hard at work.
    My dance teacher has always said that 70% of dancing is in the head and 30% in the rest of the body and so it is with crafting I believe.
    You will heal quickly I’m sure.
    Best wishes.

  121. Paul, I am very sorry to hear of your accident, I admire you for all your knowledge, skills and willingness to share it with others. Prying for a quick recovery.

    1. In many ways I would have much preferred what happened to be just an “accident” instead of an actual intentional attack. Accidents are mildly easier to accept and absorb because they are literally that, accidental.Brute-forced intent from behind on the other hand is the exact opposite. But at least I can now breath more freely and the bruising and sores are decreasing as I type. Thank you and everyone for your prayers and well wishing. it’s working!

  122. Paul sorry to hear about your accident. I see you have a dog at hand, you just need a cat too and your healing will come in no time.

    All the best

  123. hi Paul! sorry to hear about the assault but what’s important is that you’re recovering well. wish you speedy healing mate!

  124. Paul,
    From your time in Texas, you have a special place here in the Lone Star State. I hope and pray for your speedy recovery.
    You may be one of the most gentle and soft-spoken people in the public eye today!
    So, If I may provide a thought from Teddy Roosevelt, US President 1900 – “Speak softly and carry a big stick. ” If you need some Mesquite, you know we have plenty!!!
    Speedy recovery – from Texas, USA

  125. Prayers for a quick and complete recovery, Mr. Paul. You are, by far, my favorite ‘follow’ on youtube and I probably use more of your information/education in my shop than anyone else I’ve learned from. You make a difference and you need to know that. Get well soon and thank you.
    Mark/Cataula, Georgia, U.S.

  126. Dear Paul

    I just read this blog about your health.

    You wrote:

    “… My right side may not manage the tools for a few days and possibly weeks but the doctors see no reason for any permanent physical or mental damage and neither do I. …”

    So good to hear that the treating doctors see no reason for any permanent physical or mental damage.

    Best whishes
    from Andrea Engel.

  127. I’ve just read about your incident and I’m really happy for you and your family that you’re going better. I wish you a fast recovery. No one should be assaulted like that, even more so when someone is as generous and having such a kind and gentle soul as you.

  128. I just heard today Paul, in so sorry this happened and am so happy to hear your are on the mend! Heal well, and quickly 👍🖖🤠 I do wish I had found your teachings decades ago, but I did find them, and that is so fantastic that I did you have influenced so much if the past 7 years for me. my craft and my life have been so much fuller because of it. Be well

  129. Paul, I have been following your channel for years, and have learned an immense amount. I was concerned when the news came that you had been injured. As someone of about the same age, I can appreciate the frustrations of recovering from things. Take care of yourself. Thanks for all the experience you have shared with the world.

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