More Sharpening Knife Notes


From pocket knives to kitchen knives and just about any knife you care to name, a simple method to use is a piece of 3/4” piece of wood on the benchtop and an EZE-Lap diamond paddle. By placing the knife on the piece of wood with the edge just overhanging the edge and placing the …

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Sharpen up!


Knives often seem problematic to many both in the holding of them at the right bevel angle and to maintain bevel angle consistency. I have made different types of guides and jigs for students to use because of this but generally freehand my own because it’s quicker and I can. With this jig we hold …

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Nine Days of Working Wood


Another class concludes today and then in another short week’s time I hold my last foundational course for this year. Nine more woodworkers are freed from the constraints of mass-making because they now know sharpness to levels they never knew before. Truth sets people free and when you know it you know it. When the …

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Profit in Self-employed Woodworking?


Question: I very much enjoy reading your blog Paul. I went to college to train as a furniture maker after I left school but was unable to find suitable work so re trained as a carpenter (don’t worry I don’t sharpen chisels with a belt sander) your blog is like a window into my dream …

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Using Your New Timber Dogs


To use the dogs By preparing the edges in the usual manner of two boards side by side and face to face in the vise, plane the edges jointly. You can create a long but very shallow camber, a slight taper from the centre to one outer edge, or two straight edges in readiness for …

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Making Your Own Timber Dogs


They are not really used much any more but at one time they were a mainstay in the workshop of many woodworking trades ranging from boatbuilders to furniture makers and joiners to coopers. That said, they are very handy to have around and well worth making half a dozen. Some timber dogs were 2 feet …

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