Nine days of benchwork class.


Phew! Mowed the grass for the upcoming 9-day workshop starting Friday morning. Can’t have the place looking shabby. Managed to get the box hedging trimmed and clipped in the walled garden too. Everywhere is looking good for the midday walks and that last hour before the gates shut. Flowers look stunning and will be at …

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Squared drawbore pegs that work like real ones


I used squared draw-bore pegs on my trestle table last week and some of you asked how it works. Square pegs do work but they are more difficult to cut accurately and deeply.  It’s best to use the conventional method using the offset round hole. That means boring the 3/8″ hole through the mortise piece …

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Making my Wedding table


This week’s flown by and we accomplished a great deal working every day. I have pretty much finished of the latest project which is a dining table I designed for my son Peter’s wedding back on 2,000 when I made it from some very dark and beautiful Texas black walnut. Making this one took me …

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Spokeshave blade extender to sharpen on YouTube now


I wrote this blog on making and using a spokeshave blade holder/extender because it was something that enables you to use a honing guide if need be, but also gives the added leverage you really need for applying upper-body pressure as you do in normal sharpening of blades. Without the extender your fingers cannot take …

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Table making with Hounds-tooth demystification?


Today we glue up different things and that includes the dining table we’ve been building for the current woodworkingmasterclasses video series. It’s been a good week so far and by Friday I hope we’ll have this project concluded. Each of the projects we’ve built have been training vehicles to show methods that work as well …

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Bevel-edged chisels or heavy mortise models?


I bought these mortise chisels on ebay for £6 each. Hard to imagine, but they are all Marples, virtually unused if used at all, and all top of the Marples-of-old mortising chisel line. Three of them are 5/8” and the other four  1/2”. Unbelievably good value and all with brass ferrules, leather washers, trapezoidal blades …

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Higher education is craft for all life for anyone


I see higher education come when people realise they are personally discovering the importance ‘calling’ has in pursuing life skills. This rite of passage may well be sparked in any realm you enter in pursuit of higher education and it best comes by taking the path less traveled rather than mindlessly following the majority. Vocational …

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Time for changing perspectives


Sometimes I do wonder why woodworking as a trade or profession is declining. I wonder whether it could ever return for people who like me knew there corner in their early teens. Some say it was easier for me then than those looking for a  way of work today, but few really understand the fight …

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Woodworking globally and locally


I find myself testing the truth of good tools at the bench and know some things get harder to find around the world. Finding good tools should get easier but for some small principalities it seems hard if not impossible. How it is in Malaysia or the Philippines I don’t know but all the more …

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