We had a wonderful day at the workshop today. Course it is Easter weekend in North Wales and our region is noted internationally as a region of outstanding natural beauty, but we opened our New Legacy woodwork school doors for visitors today just so they could sample what real woodworking is all about and we were overwhelmed with the interest in what we do.



Hand tool woodworking is really appreciated and whereas in times past people seemed disinterested in my woodworking craft and furniture making craft, these past few years I have seen a marked difference. In the past I often felt that people visiting were perhaps bored and were looking for something to, well, yes, entertain them, but that’s not the case now at all. These people seemed genuinely supportive of our efforts in passing on skills of substance to others who want to work with their hands. They shook my hand and said how much they appreciate it when craftsmen and women pass down their knowledge.



Today I worked on building a new clamp stand that I could roll around to the benches and this one holds 36 of my alluminium clamps neatly and safely in place. I also built in a lower bin for ‘C’ clamps and a shelf for a dozen glue bottles and sandpaper. This will help to keep order during woodworking classes and hands-on workshops.




John came back from his trip to Southport yesterday and settled in to restoring one of his handsaws and Jonathan, one of last weeks students, came in to finish all of his projects before he returns to London. His work was quite remarkable and we had a great time working together through the day. Here are this weeks projects.



  1. Jonathan on 26 April 2011 at 9:58 am

    I had a fantastic time making the three pieces from the first two foundation courses. It was a privilege to work with you and try to absorb all the information so generously shared. The castle, grounds and workshop really are something to behold, but it was the company that made it special. I hope some of us make it back on the same advanced classes.

    Before the six (and a bit) days I spent at Penrhyn I could never have imagined being able to make a piece of real furniture that I would be proud to say "I made that", but now I have made three. I can thoroughly recommend the courses to anyone looking to build confidence in woodworking, hopefully they will discover a passion for craftsmanship as I have.

    I'm back at home now and could not wait to get into the garage. I have made myself a dovetail jig and a block to hold my diamond sharpening stones (with a movable bar so I can clamp it one way for sharpening chisels and the other way for my carving gouges). I've sharpened a plane and the first of my new Aldi chisels. The pine box and shelves are buffed up, the oak table awaits its wax polish. Yesterday I passed a couple of car boot sales, but no joy finding any tools, so I may need to resort to ebay to fill out my toolbox with a few key items. I've found an old mahogany shelf that has "wood for dovetail box" written all over it, so I think that will be my first project at home.

    Thanks Paul for a wonderful time, I wish you all the best in your projects and hope to see you again soon.

  2. woodworkingschool on 29 April 2011 at 10:34 pm

    You are most welcome, Jonathan. As I said, the privilege was all mine. Keep checking out the car boot sales. I find something and many things just about every week. Having a nose around in the bottom of unsavoury plastic buckets often brings up agent's saw or a saw set.

    I think there are two or three in most cities now that spring is well under way and we have a little nicer weather.

    Good hunting!


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