Look out for American Woodworker Magazine

This week marks the release of 200,000 promotional DVDs about my recommended course for anyone to develop a working knowledge of how we work with hand tools. I have partnered with American Woodworker to bring a  vibrant educational tool to the USA and Canada. You may have never been able to apprentice before, but now you can!

This is a landmark for me in that this work spans over two decades. Imagine all the people worldwide who can access a real woodworking course that covers all you wanted to know to get started working real wood with real tools. The essential for me wasn’t merely to write a book or make films, but bring my knowledge as a lifelong furniture maker and woodworker to an international audience as quickly as possible.


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  1. Sheldon on 31 August 2011 at 11:58 am

    Good luck! You have a very engaging way of teaching and I am sure it will be a success.