Scarce finds on eBay #2

Looking at the tools I find they often seem quite ordinary on the web pages, but knowing some history and handling them in daily work often reveals remarkable creativity in those who made them. I left many of my hand tools in the US so that when I return to teach I have good tools to use. One such tool is one I have owned for several decades made by Stanley, the Stanley 5061.

Drawings from my journal



Hard to imagine paying a scant £4 for a treasure like this one but indeed I did last week and it is the best design of marking gauge I have used for several reasons not the least of which is the trailing pin that traces the parallel lines within the total view of the user, a luxury seldom possible with pin-type gauges. I have owned one of these from new which was in the 1970s. When this came up on eBay I jumped at it and imagine paying so little for this work of art.


Drawings from my journal


Using the tool is poetry in motion and I love the comfort of the rounded triangular shape. Why no one ever picked up on the idea I will never know.


Drawings from my journal





Please later posts on making a Stanley 5061 marking gauge

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