Woodworking USA next weekend

This time next week I will be in Baltimore MD at The Woodworking Shows show. The Masterclass schedule is set and I will be presenting techniques most people will have never seen before. Some of it will be lighthearted, but mostly we will tackle the issues very close to the hearts of most woodworkers. Will you be there too?

Shows like this have a lot to offer on different levels and I have met many of my fellow woodworkers at these shows who have become close friends to me and my family through the years. Not only are the shows a good way of reconnecting with friends, there are seminars to take in covering subjects you might not get elsewhere and people you may not get to meet. For instance at the European Woodworking Show this past October I spent time talking and filming with Garrett Hack and we had a fairly lengthy discussion on the demise of apprenticing the next generation and where we thought woodworking might be going in the future. We both felt a need for a more structured and unified effort to invest and Garrett does a great deal through various organisations he’s currently already involved with.

Mike Hosaluk was there too, demonstrating his amazing turning skills. Masters like this at woodworking shows pass on much more than is evident at first glance. Watching the gouge twist to task demolishes many myths and mysteries surrounding difficult aspects of turning in minutes.



I have always enjoyed demonstrating the type of hand work that brings such great reward. My skills are for many others who want real skill to work wood with, so shows are a great place to both teach, learn and master.

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