A course complete

Timed out

Well the class finished right on the money, but the main gate was closed when they left so we had to make some shifts. have YOU ever tried getting OUT of a castle with a portcullis gateway?


Time for change


I developed this course 17 years ago for the first woodworking school I started when I lived in the USA. It held good throughout those years but now there are some new changes to enhance the foundational teachings for future attendees.

The projects all came together in the last hour today and this is the last time we will be teaching this program as we have something bigger and more creative starting 2012 including a month-long course for those who want to spend a month with me in the summer. 30 days of rock solid woodworking in hardwoods and some softwoods. I will be posting details on that workshops soon so keep plugging in.


I will have a bigger blog day tomorrow as tonight we are having a gathering of John’s close friends here at the house to say goodbye. I will catch you up on the Hope Chest progress, this weeks class and some other things too.