Saw sharpening workshop today

We held a good saw sharpening workshop today at Penrhyn Castle. After an hour at the bench focussing on filing some mild steel to show how teeth are configured with a file we all set to to sharpen our own saws. We started at 10am and everyone brought their own saws to work on. We sharpened pretty solidly of about five hours. I think in general we got people sharpening saws and for some it was the first time and that has to be the main reason for our being together. Saws that didn’t cut before today were cutting when they left and cutting well. Everyone had lots of good questions both before and during sharpening and I do confess a sense of satisfaction that at the end of the day it was they that were doing it. Saw sharpening is a bit confusing but workshops like these are quite freeing all round and I think that everyone felt that they had greater control and enough confidence to continue sharpening at home.


  1. Thanks for a great class Paul. I learnt a lot and it was a great way to get into sharpening. I’m now restoring a load more saws and I plan to have a mammoth sharpening session in the Spring. There’s no going back now. Hardpoint disposable saws have their place, but they don’t compare to using a beautiful old resharpenable saw made in the days when craftsmen still made tools.

    1. Glad to help. We have a long way to go the the baby and the bathwater back in the bath, but toe by pinky tiny toe and drip by drop we can do it.

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