The Hope Chest is nearing completion

More work on the Hope Chest today. I managed to rough out the oak for the bottom of the chest and my drawer bottom. For the drawer bottom I used the bandsaw to rough cut my 1” stock down to 5/8” and hand planed it down to a full ½” ( a 1/16th inch full).




Planing doesn’t take too long for face…






…and edges.




About 3-4 minutes per board. Some shirk this as being primitive and old fashioned, but I would plane machine planed wood too, to reduce the sanding later.






In 15 minutes I was done and so I edge jointed them with the Veritas bevel up plane…







…and glued up the panel.







After that I moved on to the boards for the tongue and grooved bottom of the chest, which I milled and planed the same way.




The tonguing and grooving couldn’t wait for the Veritas retrofit to their plough plane so I went ahead with a pair of ¾” T&G planes I have.







Worked fine and had it done in 20 minutes flat.


Tomorrow I will bevel the drawer bottom and fit it to the drawer and fit the T&G boards to the bottom of the chest.

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  1. In the process of building my bench. Jointing the edges of the apron boards for glue-up was well beyond difficult. Would like to request video instruction segment on a similarly challenging jointing application. I would also like to say that my progress to date has been incredibly empowering. Because few get to make from beginning to end in our modern world, and because most work lacks direct feedback, the reward for my efforts (splinters and all) will go well beyond having a workbench.

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