Another day at the show

Kids watched and turned pens at the Craft Supplies booth

Today was critically important in that so many woodworkers turned to The Woodworking Shows’ show for product, product information, tools, machines, instructional seminars and all the related equipment that surrounds our woodworking world. This is the only on-the-road woodworking show in the US and the masterclass demonstrators like myself join with the vendors to provide inspired insights that many woodworkers might never see in the day to day of life.The perimeter booths surrounding the show have many gifted and talented woodworkers with vast experience to show methods and techniques that really work and though I am a hand tools man I appreciate there are many ways to work wood other than mine. I have enjoyed meeting and greeting hundreds of woodworkers from every walk of life and indeed sharing my craft with them from my background as a working artisan.

Here is another Real Woodworker getting her feet wet

Throughout the day we were extremely busy showing them how we work wood. For me it was working with just ten hand tools using methods and techniques most of them had never seen before. I was able to share the vision for the Real Woodworking Campaign with several hundred people as I created inlays and beads without machines using real power tools that had no cords and no batteries yet got the job done most effectively. My planes raised panels, trimmed mitres, smoothed wood and created masterpieces in minutes.

All in all it was really a great day for everyone here in Springfield MA. This was my first visit here and it was great fun. There is one day more to go so if you have a half day spare tomorrow come and join Tom and I and many of your fellow enthusiasts at The Woodworking Shows tomorrow, You won’t be disappointed I am sure.

Supper at Storrowton Tavern

Oh, and by the way. After the show stop in at the historic Storrowton Tavern Dining Room for a terrific feast of a meal. We met with friends after the show and had a good time together for a couple of hours. You’ll be sitting in a building from the early 1800’s. If you don’t have the time for a full sit-down meal then just go in at lunchtime and have a take-out hamburger – it may just be the best you ever had.

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  1. Fairwoodworking

    It’s interesting how many people still have no idea that anyone would/could have a use for traditional hand tools.

    Keep up the good work!

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