Baltimore Woodworking Show

Traveling down to Baltimore was an easy enough trip with two interested woodworkers talking shop on a wide range of issues. Today we have much to do still to make everything ready and check out the show venue and so on. It’s 20-degrees warmer here than New York so that’s nice.



I will be posting later on the show, which I hope will interest everyone. I have also been working on a post on Dovetail saws, which is about done too so that will be my next Minimalist tool list tools.



  1. Paul,

    It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you today. It was the highlight of my visit to the show.

    I look forward to seeing you again in NY later this year.

    1. Hello Patrick,

      It was good talking to you and thanks for the email. Today made me realise why I was there. There is nothing countering the culture we live and work in so I find myself struggling against the status quo, but then I know I have a message that will help others and so here I am at the Baltimore show telling people that they can work with their hands like me
      Best regards for now and I hope all goes well with you and your family,

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