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It’s a long way from North Wales to Baltimore and no mistaking that. Here at the woodworking show I meet people who work with wood using methods that work, but they never entered the realms of fulfilment I experience as part of my daily work and then I realise exactly what I am doing here.

A man at the show has been following my blog. I didn’t know him. He said he just bought two planes on eBay as a result of my YouTube videos and following my blog on the #4. He said, “I have been woodworking for over 20 years and I am only just buying these planes.” He looked to be in his late 50’s. I am thankful I was able to influence him in some small way to step ot of what has become normalcy end experience new beginnings in woodworking that will enhance his work and give him enjoyment as he discovers Real Woodworking ona much broader level.

The show zipped along for me with Masterclasses on the hour pretty much continually throughout the day. As soon as I stopped there were twenty men around the bench tweaking my planes and enjoying the conversations on various topics. Amidst the noise of chop saws and power planers people found an oasis in the desert and rested a while with others in the peace of hand tool woodworking.

Today is Saturday and it will be very much busier than yesterday I think. I am looking forward to a similar day where I can share the aspirations of the Real Woodworking Campaign with my fellow woodworkers here in the USA. After this weekend I will return to New York and prepare for the next show in Springfield, MA.

Last time I was in Baltimore was after a hard few weeks working pretty much 24/7 to finish two of my designs for the Cabinet Room of the White House. I remember sitting in the hotel room waiting for the call detailing our delivery. Hard to imagine now our being ushered along those historic corridors where presidents and senators over the centuries had walked. I recall our actually entering into the world-famous Cabinet Room and placing the two pieces we had made with our own hands on other side of the doorway. This was the eve of President Bush’s departing speech with all of its pomp and ceremony and of course the eve of President Obamah’s inauguration too. Quite a drama really, but the cabinets were just stunning when they were set in place.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Looking forward to seeing you Saturday in Springfield! I’m glad you’re getting a good response. There are a lot of people out there who are learning how enjoyable it is to work with hand tools.


  2. I saw your master class on Saturday and really enjoyed it. When I got home I sharpened my beater PAX tenon saw according to the progressive style you advocated and really like it. Now, I’ll do the same with my good saws.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Planting seeds of possibility is critical for me to pass on my knowledge and skills and getting feedback inspires me back.

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