Breakfast at Eli’s

Breakfast at Eli’s – Oasis in the break-fast dessert

There are many institutions in the US that somehow have survived all difficulties and obstacles and one of those institutions is the American Café. Back in the UK one of my favourite café’s is Bluesky café up and behind High street. Here in the US it’s Eli’s on Broad Street.



It’s highly efficient, wonderfully clean, friendly and easy to be in. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest score, Eli’s is definitely a 10. They make an excellent Spanish (Mexican) omelette and great home made bread. When your away from home, breakfast can be more difficult so as a home-from-home breakfast hostel this is the place for me.

Couples come in in groups and as couples for breakfast and sit chatting in clusters, Dads and kids too, enjoy breakfast together before going to school and work and then there are the all-male elderly and all female elderly that get together for a couple of hours over breakfast, coffee and the newspaper. This is not so common in the Uk but Bluesky has a family atmosphere too, as well as other group types.

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  1. Seeing these photos reminds me of the ubiquitous “greasy spoon” diners of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in the US. They were aptly named as everything had a coating of grease, including your person and the eating utensils. The food was not what one would think of as “health” food back then but even lard is making a comeback these days compared to some cotton seed rendered shortening. I look at these pictures and think just how nice, clean and tidy the place looks to be. No greasy walls and the tan stain of years of smoke and fried food. I cannot help but think the food is outstanding and a nice place to enjoy a peaceful breakfast. I can almost smell the coffee. Times and things have certainly changed!

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