This is the real Power-tool woodworking.

Our courses are so much fuller than when we first started 20 years ago and we have learned as much about woodworkers as we have about woodworking. they go hand in hand of course, but my experience being with woodworkers on such a wide scale tells me we are on an upward turn repairing the damage caused to real woodworking over the decades. Anyway, it seems that there are more and more people are out there discovering the art of working wood and realising that woodworking is no longer just a course in using machines like tablesaws and routers and such. That excites me. I think it’s a good time for catalogue companies to rearrange priorities and stop pushing machines to the forefront of everything. With more woodworkers reaching for hand planes and saws without motors, batteries and non-resharpenable teeth we are making good progress in ensuring a future generation of woodworkers who can work with their hands again and in a safe dust-smog-free environment.

With the housing dadoes cut in about 3 minutes, I can produce almost all of these moulds in under 3 minutes with no power equipment. Only one, number six, takes longer.
















Here are some options we used on some shelves we just made in class that will help you work safely with no equipment hardly at all. Try thinking outside of the machine-only box and look with new eyes. No router needed, no router bits, cutter heads or shapers. Not even a scratch stock and works better than just about antyhing I know. All of these profiles were made with a Stanley #4 plain-Jane plane using none of the unnecessary retrofits, a woodscrew in a block of wood and an optional tenon saw. The method is fast, efficient, wasteless, clean, clean, clean, dust-free, utterly safe and above all machine free for anyone including children of any age.

Watch for the Youtube on how to soon.


  1. MartyBacke on 27 May 2012 at 5:51 pm

    You’re a big tease 😉  You show us great looking, apparently easy to do, edging profile, and then nothing.

    Hope I catch the video at some point.

    • Paul Sellers on 27 May 2012 at 5:56 pm

      Sorry, forgot to take pics so will have to wait until I am in the Penrhyn Castle UK school. Will do it soon.

  2. Dave on 29 May 2012 at 7:41 pm

    Looking forward to seeing the video. Really like the way the profiles transform the look of the piece. I kind of have them all figured excpet #6. That one has me stumped how you did it.

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