Ebay #4 for .99 pence (UK) or $1.48 (USD)

In addition to my earlier blog on buying an inexpensive #4 Stanley hand plane.

I made a second trial purchase this evening. This time the buyer’s minimum was .99 pence, but instead of direct bid I used my usual sniper because I never have time generally to sit and watch. I posted a maximum bid of £7.69 expecting it to be somewhere around that mark. If under, I would have a bargain, if over I would lose the bid. Either way I win because I certainly don’t need another #4 bench plane. Well, as has often happened before, no one else bid. The plane that sold immediately before this one with 1 minute in between sold for £11.50 plus shipping of £8.50. That’s still a good price to pay. The plane I had the reserve on sold to me for the lowest price possible , which was .99 pence. Now, here’s what I have saved on buying through regular plane suppliers. I will have two top-notch planes within about 1-2 hours  of remedial work and so, for £11.98 plus shipping of £17.48, a total £28.98, I will have two planes for my students to buy. The profit will go into a tool fund for equipping and establishing the new Nigerian School of Woodworking.

I recall some time back, about five years ago, bidding on a box of 100 moulding planes along with a Stanley 45, and 5 1/2 Stanley. The minimum bid was £7.50 with a pick up only. I bid the minimum and carried the box the 18 miles home. I use most of the planes now. They are all great and at around 7.5 pence a piece plus gas I think it worked out fine.


  1. Rob Young on 21 October 2012 at 8:52 pm

    /long slow sigh/
    Acquiring molding planes for less than 10 pence each means I must officially hate you now. 😉

    • Paul Sellers on 21 October 2012 at 9:21 pm

      Well, I probably should have said nothing. It was such a provision for me at the time. I use them so much for some of my work and one of my future books is about planes specifically. A user plane book.

      • Rob Young on 21 October 2012 at 11:19 pm

        Oh, believe me, if I ever some across a box of planes like that I’m going to first buy it and second shout about it from the mountain tops. Care to double your money on the investment?