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Upcoming workshops in the UK

Soon I go over to the New Legacy UK for another month-long workshop. Both schools are working well and the last workshops of the year will be in the UK, which are full and overflowing so we may do an overspill for Foundation I there. If you were put off because of the full sign on the website please contact us and let us know if you would like to attend an overspill class immediately after the present one. With sufficient interest we  hope to offer this. We have had to offer more and more overspill classes, which is unbelievable and proves the need for our endeavor. With so many international followers we hope that the online broadcast will help us to reach the places we may not be able to go physically.


Thanks for all you do  – look what’s happening now

I’m grateful for the support we’ve had from various people and many associates in the business sector too. Sometimes it can seem like swimming upstream, but as we near our US Thanksgiving and the Christmas season beyond I find myself reflecting on all that we have accomplished with your support in the past twelve months. With both New Legacy schools now solidly established and self supporting we must look for the increase we feel important in our real woodworking campaign. We have many bold plans for the remainder of 2012 through 2013 with events ranging from our Online Broadcast to starting a new but different support enterprise as a woodworking trade school in Nigeria. This may well lead to the third New Legacy and will take a major thrust to establish the foundational courses for our friends on that continent. We are also looking at a similar concept in Patagonia with friends there. Very different than our current work in the US and the UK. Rest assured, people come from other climes to New Legacy too. In the upcoming UK workshops we have people arriving from Australia, Hungary, the US, Ireland , Sweden and Bosnia. So, as well as receiving people there, we seek ways of connecting with people elsewhere too. We plan for all of our new work to be established in Spanish and we are looking for the Spanish/English translators to help with this aspect of the work. We also need donated hand tools and equipment for supporting the above mentioned schools and we will keep you posted on that need well prior to our longer visits there.

Second-level class starts tomorrow

Tomorrow I begin a Part II Foundational here in New York New Legacy. We had to host an additional Part I workshop beyond the one scheduled last week to absorb the demand and they were both the success we hoped for. This success is down to you guys out there adding your support in so many ways. I am also thankful for everyone here in the New York School who who keep the wheels oiled and the wood supplies in good shape. Barney Drumm supplies me with the best white pine I ever saw, and milling the stock he supplies the school with makes milling a joy. Each class may have anywhere from 200 to 500 pieces pre-milled to rough or finished dimension. That’s a mass of stock. At the end of the week or month i see that material made into boxes and coffee tables or bookshelves and rocking chairs. How amazing is that? What’s even more amazing and something you may not know; over 80% of our students never worked with hand tools before and they make beautiful dovetailed boxes in the first couple of days. That has been the case now for almost two decades since we started teaching our courses.

My US Masterclass tour starts January 2013 in Baltimore Maryland

Oh, and by the way. We will be teaching our masterclasses with The Woodworking Shows again starting in January. I will be attending all twelve shows this coming season starting with Baltimore and jumping straight into Springfield New Jersey. If you go you may be able to win a class in a Castle with me in North Wales  and at the very least there will be several other prizes we will be offering too. I will keep you posted on any developments and remember to sign up for my newsletter to receive any updates. We will not give your contact details to anyone else and we will never bombard you with sales of any kind.

For those in the class tomorrow and this Friday’s Part III and all of those in the upcoming UK classes, I look forward to seeing you.

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    • No, sorry. But our online broadcast will be up and running fully and you will be making the more advanced projects. By then we will have completed the wall clock and be on to the craftsman-style rocking chair.

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