Last New Legacy 2012 workshop done and dusted

Thanks to my wife, Joseph, Abraham, Katrina and my friends beyond my family who work wood, support my work and bless me with friendship and care, this is the closing day of my year’s classes. The year has been full of challenges because our goals have seemed impossible, but it was only because things were impossible that they became possible. I have had so many times in my life where points in time have been like that. Today we concluded what was once a dream; a mere possibility and not a reality. New Legacy has become strong this year. Established. We started New Legacy with nothing. The faith we started with became the substance we could only at that time hope to become real.

This workshop closed my year’s work, which ended with eleven men achieving something they too hoped for. Beyond that there are some added hundreds we have taught since New Legacy UK and New Legacy US were launched.

The planes and saws rested alongside chisels and squares at 5pm this evening. We swept off the benches and then the floor and walked through the castle to the car park in the pitch black. My brother Nick and nephew Luke walked with me as did my friend Phil. We called goodbyes into the darkness as other students left for Hungary and Ireland, parts of Wales and Scotland and England. I always have mixed feelings of sadness as people part, but then I feel happy because their confidence peaked and their interest once piqued entered realms of new reality working real wood with real tools in a real workshop.

We did make the second project and I forgot to photograph it before we all left so I will get a picture tomorrow maybe. We laughed a lot really. My brother really enjoyed it and so did a young friend of mine, Ben. Phil is really good with the students and makes certain everything is just right for everyone including me. It was really good having Joseph in on Saturday who is very much a behind-the-scenes person who holds just about everything together on so many fronts.

Was the class a success? Absolutely  This real power woodworking is for anyone and every one around the globe.


  1. Hi Paul. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone involved in the last three days. The course was challenging, inspiring and very enjoyable. There are perhaps only three or four people I can honestly say have had a big influence on my life in a positive way and you are one of them for sure. Your passion and enthusiasm for working with wood is so infectious. As I looked through your book last night on my return to Derbyshire I felt privileged to have spent time with you and Joseph and Phil and that I had been very lucky to start this exciting journey into woodworking. Who knows where it will lead!? Thanks again and Merry Christmas, Dr John Clarke

    1. You are so very welcome John. I have to say it was all my privilege and getting to know you and everyone else meant finishing my year on a high.
      Thanks you for encouraging me and us.

      1. Dear Paul,

        I completed the box finally, and finished it with shellac and wax. Here is the result. Thanks again for the weekend. Merry Christmas !


        1. Well done, Norbert. And I hoe that you and your family have a wonderful time over the holiday period.
          Bless you,


  2. Dear Paul,
    I would like to thank you for the weekend workshop. I took away much more than a Shaker box, including confidence and a belief in skills. I was also happy to meet John in person. I felt awkward to leave early but it was a compromise I had to take.
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Hello Norbert,

      It was our privilege to have you here in the UK. We have known each other via forums but this was an extra special time for me. Thank you for coming over.

      Best regards to you and your family,


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