Month-long workshop well underway

DSC_0667 The class is going well, my projects are coming together too. In addition to making the tool box alongside the guys in the class, I have also made a new design chair table for drawing, computer work and eating at too. I am working on a new upcoming blog on making spoons from logs and squared stock to counter some of the methods that might be less safe for youngsters; green and dry wood using the Hirsch #7 sweep 35mm gouge together with some Aurio rasps so more on that outcome soon all being well. DSC_0699 Ever since I found this gouge at Highland hardware I fell in love with it. It’s truly superb and by far the best gouge I think I have eeeever used for spoon making and much more. DSC_0685 DSC_0791 DSC_0796 We will be taking a look at cabinet scrapers in view of my last post – just to bring clarity for everyone. Alongside all of that I will be continuing the month-long course to get the guys further along in their goal to becoming real woodworkers and furniture makers. A lot to do but we are making it inch by inch so that we gain the miles we need to become true craftsmen and women.
DSC_0188 The past three days went really fast bit we now have all of the tool chests glued up and the dovetails are looking really good too. yesterday we started the paneled frames that are essentially doors with stiles and rails – one for the top and the other for the bottom. These frames will hold raised panels raised using the #4 smoothing plane. One of the guys liked doing this so much he cut them too short so he could make two more tomorrow. These things happen and you can’t get too much of a good plane anyway you slice it, all puns intended. Today we worked on the essential elements needed to make pristine mortise and tenon joints that guarantee twist-free doors. My system is an  amazing answer for woodworkers of any background and skill level. The joints are tight, hand-in-glove tight I mean. Some will start their drawers tomorrow and the goal is to be completed by Saturday if possible so that we can start the coffee table I oak by Monday morning. DSC_0743 Try to remember that some of these guys have only worked with wood for six days now. DSC_0768 In three weeks time they will be sitting in their rocking chairs with their feet on the coffee table they just made and looking at their woodworking tools in their tool chest.
DSC_0660 Watch this space for more. We make wood work for everyone as cheaply or freely as possible and with the exact info they need to become.


  1. I just finished up the photography and drawings and will post this soon. Filming will be in about a month, by then you will have read the how-to blog and got the wood and tools you need.

  2. They will get more intense this week. I ran out of space on my computer last week because of the 150,000 images I have on it!!!!

  3. A week is passed in the course and it is amazing how much we have learned compared to the first three days in the introductory pre-course when we were cutting some joints for the first time. The joiners chest is a treasure trove of learning. It has many of the joints required for furniture making and many of the major operations such as carcase construction, surface clean up / planing, raising panels, fitting drawers, and thinking about which pieces of wood you want to use and where you want to put them in your project. Pine seems an ideal wood for learning since its softness reveals any clumsiness and the twisty grain cannot be ignored. Some of the pine was so fragrant I really didn’t care what I was making as long as I got to cut shavings from it. Several of us got dinner together last night and were discussing how much we were learning. Thanks for the great course, Paul!

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