Tool chest build on Woodworking Masterclasses

Many of you have followed my blog this year and last year on how to create a really practical tool chest that meets thee needs of a modern day woodworker working with hand tools to complement what the machine gives in dimensioning wood. I am excited about this project because we just completed the same chest over the last couple of weeks here at New Legacy New York. Here is the flesh-on-the-bones way for hundreds of others to follow exactly the same instruction I gave the guys here. I hope this really helps you all. In this series you will learn to dovetail like this, make doors and raised panels, half lap dovetails and tenon housing dadoes. So much you cannot get today. It’s a hand tool woodworker’s dream project I think!

You can access all of the videos in this project. You can sign up for our membership and pay monthly for access to this and many more projects.

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  1. I just watched the first episode, it was great. I haven’t decided whether to make this project yet – I just build a wall hanging cabinet that holds all of my hand tools, so I don’t have a need for this. But it’s a neat project, and I did spot a 12″ wide 4/4 plank of Alaskan Yellow Cedar in the shop that would work nicely for the box.

    I’m interested to see how the joinery for the drawer supports and top tray is handled. I can tell this will be a really instructional project as it should cover a lot of interesting joinery techniques.

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