Upcoming blogs for YOU!

Here is a list of upcoming blogs that may interest you:
A simple sharpening guide for sharpening disposable blades safely, accurately and to the keenest of edges.
An interview with fine furniture maker and teacher Dan Faia. Good advice on steps to becoming one yourself.
DSC_0644 3:
How to make beautifully shaped and carved wooden spoons efficiently, safely end effectively. Doesn’t matter if you are a child, a teacher, or an adult craftsman or woman. From carving the bowl and handle to chip carving designs.
DSC_0157 4: What about carving and shaping walking staffs and beautiful canes. I designed these canes and staffs 25 years ago and developed it into a good sized and successful business. I will tell you how I did it and even give away my designs to make them public domain for life as soon as I work out how best to do it.
Steps to starting your own business in working with wood.
Aurou rasps; are they as good as people make out?Find out in just a few days.
We’ll take a look at another mainline magazine review. Let’s see which one measures up for a review and, indeed, what they have to say that’s worth reading. If we miss out magazines each month it’s because there was little worth reading in them.

And there is a lot more stuff in between besides that too. Keep looking in. I promise these articles will inspire you and give you lots to consider in improving your future in woodworking.


  1. What’s with the teasing, Paul? Cant wait to read! Thanks a bunch for your posts.

  2. You already inspire me each day, and I’m hooked into this wonderfull woodworking by hand that give peace and perspective to my life.
    Before I found your blog and masterclass all I heard you can’t do this and that without table saw and … now I know for sure that I can, I can set up my planes, I can sharpen and restore hand saws to make a good cut (and I love it) and I can work wood in my basement using only Hand tools, Thank you for sharing you huge knowledge with us.

    1. I am glad that we can indeed inspire one another. That’s progressive for us all.

  3. looking forward to all these for sure. I’ve been doing my own ‘hiking sticks’ the past few years, with plans on making one for each of my kids.

    i leave mine fairly rustic with a yearly re-coat of oil. love the feeling in the hand as opposed to the plastic / rubber handles of technical walking poles, when walking through wooded trails.

  4. Hey Paul-

    Gentle reminder – You were going to make a blog post about a “fun” way to hang your bookshelf from your DVD series of projects. Still looking forward to that.


  5. Exciting news for me! I picked up some butternut for my spoon/spatula project and I’m looking forward to working it. And as someone with back problems I use a walking stick almost daily in place of a cane. It would be nice to fashion my own.

    Good to know Paul’s still bubbling over with creative energy. I wonder sometimes if all this bouncing across the Atlantic, writing, classes, and videos isn’t going to wear him out. Doesn’t look like it so far.

  6. Paul,
    this looks great. looking forward to the spoon project, I am going to give my grandchildren a course in spoonmaking ‘with me teaching), so please make it simple and accessible.

  7. Paul,
    when I look back over the past year, I am really proud of what I have learnt from you. My tenon saw is sort of sharp, I can saw almost square, and my workbench, with hand chopped mortices! thank you!!!

  8. Paul since discovering you about a year ago or so I have enjoyed your Blogs, woodworkingmasterclasses and learned a ton from you and for that I Thank You. I still have a lot to learn using Hand Tools properly but am coming along nicely. I just finished your Bench and looking forward to making some of your other projects you have introduced us to.

    Looking forward to making spoons with my Grandson and making a walking staff / cane.


  9. Thanks Paul can’t wait! I’ve been mystified by sharpening because there is a thousand different techniques out there! So by the time I get around to purchasing what I need I get flustered and end up walking out without making the needed purchases! With sharpening could you maybe recommend a good stone or plate for beginners that won’t cost too much in the USA! Thanks again,


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